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Tuesday, 17 November 2009



I always thought this place was too suspicious to go in. Glad you checked it out. You know the name of the place reminds me of some Karate/Kung Fu place for some reason?
Can we do a sample of wings from different places sometimes? I love salt and pepper chicken. I can eat 20 wings or so...with rice of course.


I think some people are just wing people. My mother loves them and her dad loved them, but I don't care for them. I think it's great that you do wing comparisons. That was a great post!


no rice?! what a rip-off!


Hi Kirk, a wing offer is definitely hard to turn down, ha. ;) I'm also a pretty big kung pao chicken fan myself but I found CD's with too much tenderizer for me personally.


$1 a piece?? You are paying too much.


DANG! What a riiiiiip. But if you got some wing fetish by all means take care of it. ;-) It does look good too bad the results doesn't stand up.


Hi Tammy - Hey, anytime....though I think only you and I will be able to last thorugh more than three different places.

Hi Lynnea - Yes, I think you're right. Folks either love 'em or hate 'em....

Hi Kat - Yeah, no rice.....

Hi Dennis - LOL! I've found the other food there to be mediocre at best.

Hi RONW - You sound like a GEICO commercial... ;o)

Hi Bill - At a buck a piece, they better be good.....

Vicky (SF Bay Area)

Mmmm!!! I love wings too! Sam and I eat at this KFC joint (Korean Fried Chicken) and the mix comes with drumsticks and wings... he eats the drumsticks and I get the wings!
You guys REALLY need to visit SF area! Your post reminds me of my fav wing place in the city...


Hi Vicky - Yes, I really need to get up North.... I just need more vacation time, along with a spare stomach.


Hi Kirk - The wings are expensive indeed. I like some of that myself but at a $1 is just a little too high for me. At the same time, I notice the chicken wings price per pound have been going up.


Hi Dallas - Funny you should mention that. I recall reading about a national chicken wing shortage, and found the article here:

That may be driving prices up.


I love wings too! Have you had the wings at Phuong Trang? Was just there on rainy Saturday and had to try them. They were not too crunchy or garlicky but had a nice marinated flavor.


Hi Arlene - You know, I'm not a big fan of Phuong Trang....but I'll check out the chicken wings for sure! Thanks for the recommendation.

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