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Thursday, 15 October 2009



This used to be a Starbucks that was on the small side. When you said the store is big with a ton of open space, I took a closer look at your photo and it looks like they took over the adjacent storefront.

I haven't gone to the Kebab Shop in the Gaslamp, but this one is much closer to me. I had a doner kebab in Germany a couple of years ago; we'll have to see how the Kebab Shop compares.


Here is the link if anyone cares to see the trailer:

Aloha nui loa to all that support the cause....




Thanks for reminding me where I'm going to run out for lunch tomorrow Kirk...

I'm more than happy to not have to try to park in the east village for a kebab... not to mention I'm not cool enough to be hanging with all the hipsters down there :)


Oh man how i love doner kebabs. On my first date with my now wife we ended up at this great kebab place in the lower east side of manhattan on houston st. it used to be a little hole in the wall, but expanded at some point. it got really crowded on weekend nights. they shaved the lamb from one of those spits and served it in a large pita. i loved that place. wonder if its still there...


Oooh...the flatbread looks like it would be better than doughy pita. Speaking of dough, is it pronounced "dough-ner" or "daw-ner"?

And who'd have thunk there was a word that had ch and th right next to each other. Neat-O!


This looks and sounds exactly like what I saw all over Brussels, snack shops serving basically middle eastern fast food. It was all incredibly good and of course they all made fresh Frites as well to eat on the side or include in the wrap.


I didn't know they opened a location in Mira Mesa! I've been to the gaslamp one quite a few times. I always get the lamb doner or the lamb plate. I like the sides that come with the plate. The lamb is well seasoned, though sometimes a bit too salty for me.


The spelling of "Curk" made me chuckle! Haha. I've never tried the Algerian Eggplant as a side, and think I just might the next time I find myself there.


Since San Diego is known for putting french fries in their burritos I'm surprised they don't in their kebabs like in Europe.


hi kirk - i haven't tried a doner kebab before...i'm not a lamb fan though. my husband would like it...


Hi Sandy - I'll be interested in what you think, so let me know!

Hi Kat - Quite good for the price.

Hi Pat - I hope you enjoyed lunch!

Hi Dave - That's a nice memory.... I hope they are still there.

Hi Jan - I've always called the "dough-ner".

Hi Lynnea - I've been told about frites in Doner kebabs, I'd love to see that here.

Hi Kirbie - This one has only been open for a short while. So now we don't have to go to East Village.

Hi Linda - You'd be surprised at the different ways I've seen my name spelled.

Hi Stefan - OK, another mention of Kebab mit Pommes.... I'm going to have to ask them if they'll make that for me next time.

Hi CC - They do have a Chicken Doner, so I think you'll be ok.


love love your page. Just left a comment on one of my other faves Pink Candles at Ridgemont High to share how you guys' pages made me want to go back to blogging after several years away. I put the link below but dont even know if I did this right...


French Fries in Doner Kebabs is just a recent "innovation" in Europe and is considered a sacrilege and should be punished by being forced to eat On the Borders for a month


Hi H - Nice blog - keep up the good work!

Hi Honkman - Is that a threat?? ;o) Now you know that I just have to try it. Seems like a lot of folks are committing sacrilege...... I bet when the Turk first brought the Doner to Germany, folks thought eating it was a sacrilege too, huh?


ooh that schwarma looks so much better than my salad I just picked up.


Just went to the Kebab Shop over the weekend, but because I'm recovering from the flu, my taste buds couldn't really enjoy the food. The menu says add fries *inside* for the doner kebab and shawarma. My husband asked for fries and they were served on the side of his shawarma. With the amount of fries he got, I don't see how they would have crammed them inside.


Hi FH - Just the thought of that Shwarma is making my tunny rumble....

Hi Sandy - I'll have to look at the menu a bit closer. Thanks for the update, I hope you're feeling better soon.

Wandering Chopsticks

The first time I had a doner kebab was more than a decade ago in Norway. It was brought there by Turkish immigrants too. Since then, whenever I travel, I try to start off my vacations with a doner kebab.


Hi WC - I can't think of a better way to start things off.....

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