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Sunday, 04 October 2009



I'd like to sign up for this tour!!


smoked tortilla sounds tasty.


Great tacothon.
I miss good ol simple So Cal street tacos. Shoot I miss tacos from Ca period.


Hi Kat - This is pretty easy..... so anytime you're in San Diego!!!!

Hi RONW - The smokey flavor is imparted by the grilling and charring of the tortilla.

Hi Billy - I'm sure I'd miss them as well.

Captain Jack

Anyone who feels like San Diego is not a "foodie" city need only re-trace our steps to be schooled in the fact that their impressions of our fine city were woefully misguided. The textures and flavors afforded by this taco crawl were extraordinary. I also now know the answer to the often debated question: Where do I get the best fish taco in San Diego? Cruz Vasquez's Mariscos El Pescador truck without a doubt. Thanks again Kirk, I had a blast!


If I was going to do a taco crawl in SD it would go like this -

El Cuervo - Fish taco
TJ Taco Shop - Marlyn Taco
Tacos El Paisa - Carnitas taco
Tacos El Gordo - Al Pastor
Tacos de Pescado - Gobernador
Asada Taco Shop - Carne Asada taco


Wow, you guys really should lead some tours! :) I'm going to have to try this. You have my mouth watering.


Hi CJ - I'm sure you'll be back to that truck soon, huh? I had a great time, but I think we just tickled your appetite.

Hi Jon - We kept our list to South of E in CV. I like El Gordo, and in fact have done a post on it, though I prefer the Suadero to the Adobada. As for El Cuervo, I eat there much too often, but really don't care for the Fish Tacos there. To me, German's has the best Gobernador, but that Mariscanos Taco was great.

Hi Tracey - You don't need us.... you can just DIY!!! Really easy, even though the folks at Yaqui don't speak any English, or Internacional 2000 for the matter, they are nice folks, and it's easy to get your order done.


awesome crawl! that mixed taco has to be the size of 4-5 street tacos right there....def. gona have to plan a crawl for myself when i come down next churros for dessert? =p


hi kirk (and cj)
you guys rock!!!! thanks for blogging the taco shops in the south bay...

i still have to hit up woo chee chong, oops, i mean mercado international 2000 when i get back from chicago!

"As for El Cuervo, I eat there much too often, but really don't care for the Fish Tacos there."

Where is your favorite traditional SD fish taco?


Hi Sawyer - Let me know when you roll back into town...and we'll roll on over!

Hi CC - Woo Chee Chong...LOL! I'd love to see you walk up to the old man manning the cash register there and ask if this is Woo Chee Chong.

Hi Jon - Currently, Mariscos El Pescador makes my favorite fish taco. I work within blocks of El Cuervo...and they tend to over-batter the fish, and several times the fish has tasted a bit "off"....they also tend to drench the whole thing as well, even when I ask them to go easy. South Beach Bar and Grill also drenches everything and you need to tell them to go easy. BTW, are you the dude with the San Diego Mexican Food Blog?

Masa Assassin

Nice kirk!! next taco crawl please keep me in mind I still do eat in San Diego YA KNOW :)

I just noticed the add this week in El Latino on El Poblano this is the same one I covered in Tijuana. The El poblano is in TJ is some of the best Ive had I cant wait to try this one. Thanks for the report.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

What a great series of taco posts! The tacos de Mariscanos is amazing! I can not believe that there is so much seafood on the taco! So daunting most definitely. I've never had a taco with that much fillings on it.

"BTW, are you the dude with the San Diego Mexican Food Blog?"

Yep. It's a work in progress. I hope to build it out quite a bit more as time goes by. It should have a forum and categories eventually. Just a wee little blog at this point.


Hi MA - Will do. BTW, aren't we supposed to do something at Ba Ren???

Hi ETE - That was one stuffed seafood....well, I really can't rightly call it a taco. It was good eats.


That birria taco on top looks so dang good - and for $1.75! Looks like you guys did some serious eating in the name of research.


Hi FH - Yes, we did.....

Little Miss Contrary

I would totally pay you to take this taco tour!


Hi LMCC - It's really easy...... I'll be glad to go!

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