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Wednesday, 28 October 2009



nobody gets tired of your Ba Ren posts....


Ba Ren and beer are always good- perhaps you had an influence in the English translation of the menu?


Yay! We're going to the Ba Ren beer pairing dinner... totally looking forward to seeing how they paired the beers up.


I always love your Ba Ren posts! The steamed fish fillet with green onions and red chillies looks delicious! I didn't see the seasonal menu last time I was there. I'll need to look for it.


that is cool, pairing beers with dessert!


I'm so glad they are starting to put the translations on the back. Then Wendy doesn't have to try to explain what they are to me any more, ha!

Too bad the fish soup wasn't as good as it looks or the mushrooms cuz I could have gone for both of those.


What is shrimp with mashed potatoes?
I guess we'll see you at Ba Ren for Beer week. (you know, the 4 of us) I would like to try the 8 rice pudding with beer. I love dessert and to have beer to pair with it is amazing.


YES!!! We will be there!


Hi RONW - Thanks, I'm glad!

Hi Chris - Nah, I don't think so. I think that more and more non-Chinese are curious about that menu.

Hi Leanne - Great, I hope you enjoy it!

Hi Kirbie - I did notice that not all the tables have the placards on them. Just be on the look-out and grab one from another table.

Hi Kat - That was much better than I thought.

Hi Carol - I'll kinda miss that, though!

Hi Tammy - It actually taro and shrimp I believe.

Hi YY - Awesome! I know MrQ loves his craft beer!

The Food Ho

Funny, I haven't had a chance to read up on your the first time I do, it's Ba Ren! I would love to go to the beer dinner...but alas, it's sold out, and I probably have to work anyway. :(


I hosted a wine dinner there a few months back. Went off great! Two 10 ppl tables in the back.


Hi TFH - Man it sold out fast!!! I think you can design your own beer dinner..... you know I'll be there!

Hi Clayfu - Yes, I remember the emails you sent me. BTW, you never did tell me how it turned out.

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