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Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I don't know about a slurp-proof shirt, but I have a splatter-proof slurp method. That is to bring my face closer to the bowl, more specifically: chin hovering over rim of bowl. The close proximity of mouth-to-bowl minimizes splatter


Hi Kirk! I tell people I'm just another one of Sakura's regulars (I see many of the same faces) that happens to have a food blogging hobby that's all.. ;) I had that stuffed squid bento a couple months ago too. Anyway thanks for the mention! Cheers




A little stirring with the chopsticks, and viola!
Violas, huh? I usually don't point out typos, but this one made me smile. :)


LOL I hate eating bun bo hue because I hate having the noodles attacking me. I usually cut up the noodle into smaller length but scoping it up was the other challenge, d@mn these soup.



ed (from Yuma)

Thanks for the shout out. I would gladly sacrifice a shirt for a bowl of bun bo hue today.


Hi GFG - Slurping is half the it is pretty much required for certain noodle dishes. At least the next time I go to Santouka, I'll be able to find you in a crowd! ;o)

Hi Dennis - Well then, I'd say you're without a doubt a regular....

Hi santos - LOL! ha-ha-ha....

Hi Hao - You have something against string instruments??? I'm glad you enjoyed that.... so I'm leaving it as is!

Hi Billy - Those noodles are pretty slippery...... but cutting them up makes it seem like baby food!

Hi Ed - You'll need to get back out here soon!


I am glad to read that I'm not the only one who is shirt challenged. And I also have a knack of wearing white or light colored shirts on slirp days.


yummy looking unadon! The Missus is just too cute.


You should just have a dark shirt in the car at all times just in case you get an urge to slurp ;) or a trusty bib :p great blog, btw!

Eat. Travel. Eat!

I've never ordered a Curry udon at a Japanese restaurant and your photo of curry udon certainly makes me intrigued. Is it just me or are the udon noodles are flat and rectangular instead of square?


Ask for extra Crab Hut bibs when you are there. By the way, they have main lobsters now AND gift cards.


Mien Trung is the best. I LOVE it!


Hi Carol - I really need to plan better!

Hi Lynnea - She does keep me amused....

Hi Chris - I had actually thought about a slurp shirt.......

Hi ETE - Those are just your usual udon noodles in shape.

Hi Tammy - Now you know I never wear a bib! ;o)

Hi Chris - The recent weather justs scream for Bun Bo Hue, doesn't it?


wear black! :)


LOL Kat - If you knew me, you'd quickly see that black is not a great color for me.... I guess I ain't no Johnny Cash!


Sawadee krab P- Kirk....

Nice to see you at Moe's(was with my wife and split the loco)....

kinda of like the Bun Bo Hue at Pho Hoa Hiep- Linda Vista, ever try that?

did you try the tomato lady at Hillcrest FM for the Hawaiian chili. Gone now bra, but i made some chili water from my plant and some red thai chili, pretty good.

check out this movie from my it. "beyond the reef". he and ohana outriggred the Hawaiian chain south to north.



man I must be getting tired, posted to Kabob shop piece...

here is the follow on, sorry to all for the repeat:

Here is the link if anyone cares to see the trailer:

Aloha nui loa to all that support the cause....


Hi Pedma - I think I'll wait till next spring for the chilies. BTW, Mien Trung is the real deal, Pho Hiep and Grill is Pho shop Bun Bo Hue, and doesn't have the deep lemongrass flavor. Most Pho places tend to fix that short-coming by dumping in more fermented shrimp paste. You should try Mien Trung or Hoai Hue Deli....folks from Hue, making Bun Bo Hue. As for Pho shop BBH, I think Pho Ca Dao on ECB makes a good version.

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