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Monday, 12 October 2009



Omg, you made me look up Shao Bing and I think it's going to be my new obsession.. I would wake up early on the weekends for that!


That last dish is not a looker but for some reason I love wheat glutton its so gooooood


Hey Dennis - You've never had Shao Bing??? Chin's does a decent job, and you can get even get Youtiao Shao Bing....bread within bread if you will.

Hi Billy - Kaufu is okay, but I'd take Tea Smoked Chicken any day of the week! ;o)


I recently went there too and also had a so-so experience.

Have you tried their hot sweet soy milk w/ the chinese donut?

The Shao Bing looks good! I'll have to try that one next time.

OH! And i think the place did use to be a Marie Calender!! It is a strange interior.

Thanks for the post!


Oh a seasonal special menu. I need to try some of those items. Your Missus story was funny. hehe. I've never tried the steamed bun with pickled mustard greens. I'll need to order it next time.


I love reading your posts about these dishes that either don't make it to the english menu, or I just don't know what they are! It makes me more adventurous...those bings look delicious.


7 something for shaved ice would be bad.


Yes, this location used to be a Marie Callendars; can you picture pies in that display case? It was also a Bread Basket like the one in Alpine; they had these little flags on each table that you could pull up when you needed service.

Can you ask the Missus to translate the rest of the seasonal menu?


Hi Kirk, for some reason I think I would prefer the version of Shao Bing with some kind of meat! haha. Commenting from the Apple Store, wee. (Your site looks great btw.)


Hi Faye - I'm not big on soy milk. There are some pretty good stuff at Chin's, but the offerings are so diverse that it's impossible to do it all well.

Hi Kirbie - I think that along with the five spice beef is one of the better things at Chin's.

Hi FH - I'm sure you can find these where you're at.

Hi Kat - $7.95 to be exact...ouch!

Hi Sandy - The $5.50 item is the Tea Smoked Chicken Leg, the $2.50 is basically Jin Dui, the $4.95 is pumpkin Jian Bing. The next four items are variations of shaved ice. The $12.95 is ong choy.

Hey Dennis - The Apple Store.... you sure do get around.


Hi Kirk,

Have you had the five spice beef wrapped in the green onion pancake? My husband and I like this even more than the beef in the shaobing. We fight over every last bite of this dish. Next time, we should just order two.

We also love the hot pumpkin pastry stuffed with red bean and the wasabi flavored celery.

Thanks for putting this place on our radar!



Hi Lilian - I'm not a fan of the Niu Rou Chuan at Chin's, it's much too greasy...they don't seem to be able to make it right on the consistent basis. I'm glad you enjoy Chin's, it is pretty unique for San Diego.


OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH Shao Bing w/ 5 Spices Beef yummmmmm


Hi YY - Oh yes, I remember that you really like that!

Cal S

I was first addicted to NiuRou/WuXiang ShaoBing 16 years ago when I first tasted it in the SF bay area, so I can relate to your fondness of it. I see you have a few posts on Chinese foods in LA, but I haven't yet discovered a theme to your LA posts. Are there any restaurants in SGV/LA that have foods similar to Miramar Chin's Breakfast/Brunch menu? Where is an area of good Chinese restaurants currently? We tried W and E Valley Blvd. It was ok. (We liked the sweets from
"Phoenix". Your missus is from China? My parents are from Southern China, so we are used to a lot of kinds of sweet soups, sweet custards/puddings, and "Phoenix" has some of them. Since they do not yet have the modern, cold, mango, chocolate, etc. mooncakes in SoCal, the puddings/custards are the next best things. Hong Kong has whole shops devoted to just sweet soups and the likes. San Diego doesn't seem to have such a thing.)


Hi Cal - There are quite a few places that have similar food in the SGV. Most Shanghainese places have many of these dishes. The Missus is from QingDao and went to High School and College in Beijing. Our tastes with regards to Chinese cuisine is pretty vast, so I guess you could say there's really "no theme" when it comes to styles.

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