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Saturday, 03 October 2009



I love fried fish! I love the sauce and the mints. I had the same thing for my birthday in May. Yay, we like the same type of food!
There is another place in Santa Ana that sells the same thing except better. It has a french name?? I forget what the place is called but they're really close to a freeway?


Hi Cathy, I dined in with friends here once and also did take out once or twice and had very good meals. I'll be sure to check out your older posts!


I like the catfish dish as long as they serve the non mushy one.


i liked this place, and i think i found out about it through one of your old posts cathy! i havent' tried anything other than the pho here though. looks like the fish was the perfect size for 2 people...


I love all kinds of food, Tammy, but do crave some more than others. This one was steamed, but I will have a fried fish (and its bones)as a post soon. I seem to be driving North a lot more lately and will stop in Santa Ana and see if I can find the place...or some place interesting.

It is good Dennis. I put in the link but have been here more often than the blog shows...same with K Sandwich and Mien Trung.

This place has excellent fresh catfish, Bill.

The nice owner told us the "small" ($29) catfish might not be enough for the two of us, we did ask for the medium...and we were hungry.


I adore food that you get to construct yourself - tonnes of fun and you have time to chat :)

It's a plus that that catfish dish looks glorious - and I'm awed by that bottle of chilli sauce!


Great choice for one of your birthday meals! Pho Pasteur is a longtime family favorite. I love their "com bac bu thit nuong." If you like grilled pork and savory rice, def give it a try!


We seem to be building our meals a lot lately, Memalee. That size bottle of Rooster sauce is available in most grocery stores around here.

Went back and got the rice and grilled pork dish this past Wednesday, gastronomer- wonderful!

Mexico Cooks!

Pho Pasteur is my favorite San Diego restaurant, bar none. I have eaten there regularly since 1988 and the food is always delicious. My personal favorites are the chicken in clay pot, the spring rolls, and the five spice chicken (I think it's #124) with noodles. When I was in San Diego last June my partner and I ate at Pho Pasteur twice--or maybe it was three times--in a week. Fantastic!


So happy you enjoy it here as much as we do, MC. With all the restaurants we have, it is a great choice. Welcome to our blog.

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