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Sunday, 11 October 2009


Eat. Travel. Eat!

The smells from an In and Out travel to more than a block away from its storefront in my area! I love In and Out burgers, and I too have not eaten them with any extra secret menu item. However I have tried them with extra veggies which come for free. Animal style will come another day :).


Hi Kirk, darn I can't remember if I had one this year.. I like mine with ketchup instead of sauce. raw onions for me too! :)


You snuck a double double in the theaters? Nice! I snucked a whopper in before. This was when I didn't know what in and out was.


I don't like raw onion, so I like mine animal style. Once I had it, I can no longer just eat the regular burger. The special sauce is so good.


Living 1/2 mile away from In'n'Out, I am surprised that I have only "hit-it" twice this year, so far. It aint' easy living in suburbs of Carlsbad when you got the munchies.

Nobel prize to the first one to order fries Animal style :)


my first experience eating and in-n-out was when we marched in the rose bowl parade in high school, I can't say that I remember the burger so much, but was kinda grossed out by the dr pepper it came with.


I just got back today from our vacation in California and I was pleasantly surprised to see that you wrote about In n Out. We just ate our first In n Out burger on this trip and we enjoyed it so much we went back a second time at the end of our trip. When I saw those burger pictures on your blog, it was like deja vu! I also love the fresh cut french fries! Thanks Kirk for making my day!


that's how the cheeze should be, sandwiched between the top bun and the burger. Only way.


Ever tried it with grill and raw onions? I miss my InOut fixen.
I always order a 2X1. I prefer to taste the meat more.


I can't believe how hungry I've suddenly become.

When I lived in Northern California, this was always the first place we stopped on our trips down south. When they finally opened one in Milpitas where I grew up, there were 2 hour waits starting at 10AM for the first month. I guess all the ex-pats had to get their fix.


Hi ETE - The smells must drive you crazy...

Hi Dennis - I'll often have my double meat with "mustard instead".....

Hi Tammy - We've done that a couple of can eat just so much theatre food...

Hi Liz - I like the bite of the raw onions, but most folks I know love it "animal style". ;o)

Hi Fumi - For some reason, I've never taken to the fries at In-N-Out, I just don't like them.

Hi Kat - Well hopefully you'll get to try it again...sans Dr Pepper....

Hi Elsie - Thanks for commenting! And I'm glad to have been able to make your day.

Hi RONW - As the commercial for In-N-Out goes: "that's what a hambuger's all about"! ;o)

Hi Billy - Yes, but I still like raw onions on this burger.

Hi Jan - Funny, looking at that photo kinda gets my stomach rumbling as well.....


Yep. I get a double (no cheese) with both raw and grilled onions (to make up for the waste of The Mister not having any onions). I gave up fries for Lent and haven't had much of a craving for them anywhere. Not that it's a health thing. Sometimes I stick my finger in a packet of salt and am satisfied...

anyhow, it's lunch time!


hi kirk
i'd have to be really hungry to eat a double double. i usually just get the regular burger with grilled onions (don't like raw) at in -n-out urge.


What I want to know is if you had the double double before or after going to Santouka ramen across the street!


lol @ liver. i thought i recognized that in and out too. i like raw and grilled onions too...sometimes even whole grilled onions if i'm feeling adventurous =p i used to always get the double double, but nowadays, i prefer getting two cheeseburgers instead =) nice post!


Hi Cathy - So maybe you should get extra onions to make up for the Mister? ;o)

Hi CC - Really hungry for a Double-Double? What would Captain Jack say???

OK you're really starting to scare me Liver. Really.... how did you know that I had Santouka before this Double-Double??? OK, quickly, I'm thinking of a number....

Hi Sawyer - Yes, it's that In N Out.... see my response to liver!

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