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Friday, 09 October 2009



Boy, I could really go for some shrimp tempura right now. The seaweed sashimi platter looks really good, light and refreshing. I guess I better go grab a late lunch. :)


The food here is fresh and excellent, Carol. The bonus is they know how to fry properly.


I know I've gone to this Japanese restaurant in some previous incarnation (maybe it was Takeya - it has been many years) and was disappointed. It sounds like this place is worth trying.


It is pretty good now, Sandy. They have Bento lunch boxes($7.95-$9.95) which include 3 pieces mixed tempura and 4 pieces California roll, as well as teriyaki bowls ($4.95 and $5.95-haven't tried) and sushi/sashimi lunches ($9.50-$11.95) as well as Happy Hours (4:30-6:00 M-F) with roll, appetizer and sake specials...if you want to just try some items.


I had to search the blog to find this post, but it looks like Haru Yu is now Wa Sushi. A friend went last week, and mentioned that the sushi is 40% off. Grand opening special , perhaps?


Hi Sandy. We did try to go to Wa a few weeks ago but ended up at the Boll Weevil, because Wa was so crowded, whihc is a good thing. We will be trying it out soon. Looks good.

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