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Saturday, 10 October 2009



It's a chain???! *and* they stole the lights from K Sandwich?

I am so disillusioned. Yet strangely hungry...


Hi Cathy - A chain??? I dunno...when Sab E Lee 2 opens, will it become a chain as well? I've seen those lights on sale at a couple of places...maybe I'll buy you a set next time!


I love the convenience of taco trucks and the $1.50 price too! Looks like they have a nice supply of stuff on the counter to add some extra kick to your tacos, nice touch!


I love how reasonable the prices are!!


I will have lived in San Diego 3 years come this December and I have yet to try a taco truck. Honestly, I've been afraid to but all your posts about them encourage me to try one day.

So is there really going to be a Sab E Lee 2 opening up or were you just joking?


Hi FH - Some of the best values and food comes out of these taco trucks.

Hi Kat - Yes, most of these trucks are a bargain.

Hi mscinda - You should try them out, there are some good ones, which you can gauge by the customer base. You didn't hear about Sab E Lee 2 opening? I posted the info here:


It looked good too bad not all of it could lived up to the expectation. Then again I just be happy to have something decent.


I just love the Cinderella in her ball outfit next to the menu.. Does the truck turn into a pumpkin at midnight? :) Too bad the tacos were only ok. But man they look good!


Hi Billy - The carne asada was decent, but really didn't impress me very much.

Hi Dennis - Try the Linda Vista location; the carne asada was always pretty good there. I think I'm just spoiled because of all the good stuff I've had recently.


Well of course Sab-E-Lee will become a chain. The most wonderful, glorious chain there was. Ever.

I do so love the 3D asterisks...blinky, colorful, mesmerizing...


Hey Cathy - I need to find you some twinkle-twinkle.....


Hi guys. I think that the Princesita taco truck here is not the second Princesita, but a change of location for the first one. I went the other day to the one at Linda Vista, and got a sign saying that it had moved to the corner of Clairemont Dr. and Balboa.

Anyways, I went to this taco truck at its new location for the first time.

The fish taco was $1.50 again, instead of $1 like it was before. But I think it was bigger, so I was ok with that.

I also got a chicken taco and a pork abodabo -- both were dry and too salty!

Anyways, I liked the old Princesita enough that I'm willing to give the new location another try - but my first experience was bad, and seems to match up with your new impression of the place.


Hi Anthony - Thansk for the heads up and correction. I'll go check it out.

Masa Assassin

Thanks for the info on the new location. FYI the Linda Vista location is still in full effect at least it was tonight. Ms Masa came home late this evening from work and brought me a bunch of tacos from the Linda Vista Location.


Hi MA - That's interesting because the cart was absent from the Balboa location last night.


The Linda Vista location is still open? My dad owns the building for Joe's 99 cent store and recently received a letter stating that the truck had no permits and had to leave. So, I'm surprised they're still operating....

The Geonaut

i wonder where balbo avenue is

*runs away*

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