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Sunday, 18 October 2009



The fresh cucumber slices in the background make the last photo of pork and shrimp sausages look particularly appetizing!


interesting safety directions...the market does look like an amazing place!


yum quail eggs


Hi Dennis - You can't have your Thai Sausages without the accompaniments.....

Hi Kat - For some reason putting a plastic bag over my head disturbs me.

Hi Billy - To this day, the Missus laments not being able to find that booth on our way back....


Oh so many yummy pictures! What are those clear round shaped ball treats?


Images of plastic singing to the head and face comes to mind with that safety bag! Iiiieeeee.

I'm so hungry now. I guess I better go heat up my, um, frozen lunch which doesn't sound so good anymore.


Love the brilliant colors and assortment of photos, you really captured so many cool images, I can almost feel like I'm there too! So many interesting dishes, I can just picture you guys trying to bolt on an auxilliary tummy...


Great pictures. So colorful. So much food.
Thanks for showing me parts of the world I might not otherwise get to see.

"Strong hold the bag edge and go out as fast as possible." Yeah, I believe that is called asphyxiation.


When did you go to Thailand? I went 2 yrs in a row and so love their night markets (reminds me alot of the Taiwanese night mkts). My first time in thailand, my best friend and i were STARVING and walked to the night market - we ordered some sort of meatball skewer. And honestly, i know this sounds horrible, but it tasted like dog (NOT that i've ever had dog meat but we just started panicking that we had NO idea where these vendors get their meats?! So to this day, I have a heard time eating any more meatball skewers.

How were the silkworms? What's it tastes like?!


Hi Kirbie - Those were made from glutinous rice flour, and were slightly sweet and sticky. Inside were ground shrimp and peanuts, and the whole thing was "topped off" fried shllots and cilantro. It was very good.

Hi Carol - I'm glad that I'm not the only one who found those instructions weird.

Hi FH - I wish we had auxillary tummy' that after eating we could unbolt them, and get ride of the excess weight!

LOL Stephen - Sounds kinda scarey, huh? I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

Hi Faye - We went to Thailand and Laos...sheesh, just about an year ago! Good golly, am I behind on posts. Laos was amazing.....

Deep fried silkworm are sorta like shoestring potatoes....not much flavor, but crunchy.....

Andy (美國土子)

there's an infamous and muted story of my friend going to chiang mai and stuffing himself with worms, scorpions, etc etc.. and then getting sick and puking it all out.

so I asked my friends on this trip, do you have pics of what he ate and the answer is no.

but after seeing your pics... I think I've got a good idea! another interesting post kirk thanks!


Oh my Andy, that's one quick way to ruin a vacation.... You need to pick your spots with regards to bugs, you want them cooked up as fresh as possible, and not eat stuff that has been lying around. Poor guy, nothing worse than being sick on vacation.....


Oh my god!

You have a photo of my beef jerky lady!

I love her, she has the best beef in Chiang Mai, I visit her every Sunday and she is so lovely.


Hi Mick - Welcome and thanks for commenting! That's too funny.... and her jerky is really good!

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