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Wednesday, 07 October 2009



the other foods looked really good. I guess you should leave Banh Mi to the other eateries to do :)


Wow! I was shocked to see a post on Cafe Chloe! fun post though. thanks =)


What a fancy little joint. That banh mi sure looked good; shoot anything pate is fine with me ;-)


Hi Kat - Most everything is well done at Cafe Chloe. That Banh Mi, unfortunately, was the only thing I've really never enjoyed.

Hi Lynnea - I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Hi Billy - Cafe Chloe is the Missus's current favorite restaurant.


It's interesting to see a restaurant's take on certain "ethnic" dishes. I admit that I usually stay away from such items because I'm afraid I'll be disappointed. I have to wonder how many people have Cafe Chloe's banh mi, then are disappointed with banh mi from a Vietnamese place.

BTW, the food section in yesterday's LA Times had a big story about bao written by Andrea Nguyen. She included a recipe for sheng jian bao zi.


OMG, Pork Rillette! You know that FN show where all the chefs talk about the best "something" they've ever eaten? Pork rillette is mine! I had the best pork rillette back when I was a jr in high school (French class mais oui). My French teacher had brought it back from France and to this day, I still dream about it. I think I need to visit Cafe Chloe.


Hi Sandy - The recipe sounds good. And I'm glad she doesn't use self-rising flour even though she mentions it. I'll usually stay away from those "ethnic specialties", but I thought if anyone could pull it off, it would be Cafe Chloe.

Hi Carol - If you decide to go to Cafe Chloe, I'd advise calling ahead to see what the Charcuterie on the day is, because it changes. The Rillette was the Charcuterie du Jour.


i really like cafe chloe, but never get a chance to go. i have always gotten the steak frites. love it.


hi kirk
the banh mi from cafe chloe is just another example of how certain urban hipster places try to feel like they're diversifying by offering their "twist" on ethnic items, but fail miserably.

And like your reader Sandy noted, people who don't know any better or don't know the real thing, think what they've had at cafe chloe is "authentic". The sad thing is, i think i'm better off buying a $2.75 banh mi from K Sandwiches or at any other place in Linda Vista.


Hi Dave - The frites are very good at Cafe Chloe. You must try the charcuterie.

Hi CC - like I said, if anyone could do justice to a Banh Mi, it would be a French influenced bistro like Cafe Chloe. Actually, K Sandwiches is a twist on traditional Banh Mi as well, most all the offerings are safe and Westernized.

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