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Wednesday, 23 September 2009



lol! that story is hilarious...
great to hear about sab e lee. been cravin that koi soi since that one time...


Oh yeah, I went by Thai Cafe the other day and saw they were closed. I was bummed, but alas I fear it was inevitable--I never saw much of a crowd in there, and had long wondered how they managed to stay in business. Glad Sab E Lee is faring well--and that story with the kid is hysterical!


Hi Sawyer - Well you've got to get back here for a visit!

Hi Mizducky - The funny thing is.... I can kinda see "I eat hoof"... ;o) I was a bit sad to see Thai Cafe close, but my last few visits have been to an empty restaurant.


It's too bad Kobe couldn't use Thai Cafe's space. The amount of business that he would bring in would really perk that shopping center up.


lol funny story but eww to the salad in your nose...


Well yes please and a side of hoof please. That was hilarious, kids.


I think I heard a cheer from Cathy about Sab E Lee 2 in Santee! The location is convenient; it looks like it's not far from the 52 & the 125. I'm glad that they're doing well enough to open a second restaurant.

Hilarious story about the kid; they sure can read the darndest things! Did you wait until the mom & child left before taking the photo of the window?


Sab-E-Lee in the EC?? And the angels sang... :-)

I work in El Cajon so this is fabulous news!


Hi Zompus - Yeah, when i mentioned that spot to Koby he had already looked at it, but it needed too much work to make it functional.

Hi Kat - And those chilies......ouch!

Hi Billy - Aren't they amazing?

Hi Sandy - Actually, I took the photo on a following visit.

Hi Jenne - I'm sure this is good news to you!


Yes. Yes you did hear me cheer, Sandy. I can walk there from my home. Albeit a long walk, and uphill going back home, but still...

The "other" Thai restaurant in Santee, Oiishi, is always busy...and about the same distance from home...decisions decisions. You'd like it Jenne.

Thanks for the great news, Kirk. Thai Style was also very good you know...


I'm so happy for Kobe! Duck larb is sounding awfully good right now.


Hi Cathy - It is great, more variety, good competition.....

Hi Carol - It hit the spot, directly, dead center!


I was reading this blog yesterday and saw the post of the closure of Thai Cafe. Although I've never been there, it's a bummer that another restaurant close.

So, later that afternoon, my co-worker/lunch buddy and I decide where we're going for lunch. We thought we'd stray from our "try a random Korean place on Convoy" adventure and try something different. He suggests a Thai buffet that he's been to a few months back. He doesn't remember the name of the place, but he remembers it's in Clairemont. I'm game. So when we drive up to the place, I notice the sign looks familiar. It was the Thai Cafe. D-oh!

Ah well. Since we were running short on time, we went to the Korean buffet at Arirang House instead. At least we're not tired of Korean food yet.


Hi Denver - Oh man.... You know, that's one thing Thai Cafe was really good for; a quick and filling lunch.


hi kirk
that's great that kobie is opening another location for sab e lee! what a great addition to the east county. the only thing is - santee is a bit too far for us to go...


Hi CC - You know, there's supposed to be a really good donut place in the same vicinity as SEL that might make things worth it???


Hi Kirk! I was surprised to see Thai Cafe closed. It wasn't my favorite place, but I am sad to see it go.


Hi Peter - How are you guys??? I'll have to drop by soon. You know, the place was totally empty during my last few visits, so I'm not really surpised. I'm kinda sad too, as the quality wasn't too bad.

Alice Q. Foodie

This is indeed great news for us East County-ians. If only someone were brave enough to open a Vietnamese restaurant... unless you know something I don't? At least a bahn mi shop??


Hi Alice - Cathy told me that there was a VN restaurant opening nearby, so maybe she'll fill us in.

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