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Wednesday, 30 September 2009



yummy! I let out a giggle after reading "the monster", it was huge!


dang, those look good! i'm not sure but i think "perrones" is slang for "bad*ss" :) you're gonna have to confirm that with someone else


Good lord like you needed chiccharons with the shrimp! Then again why not.
When I make tacos at home I always spread some refried black beans to the shell I think it gives it a creamier texture, IMO.

ed (from Yuma)

Wow, those look good. Flour tortillas and cheese say Sonora to me. Never seen anything exactly like those puppies around here though.


Before looking at the close up of the last picture, I thought I saw a fried egg in there.

I'm not surprised by the beans in the taco. I usually do that at home and they really add to the richness.


I'll have to remember this place on my next trip to the outlet mall along with other food stops like Hogetsu, Royal Mandarin, one of the Filipino restaurants, ...

Gypsy Jan

Hi KirkK,

Your FOY from Rosarito, Gypsy Jan.

While I am sure that MasaAssassin will weigh in with more authoritative info, here's my two cents.

As you said, Tacos Yaqui is a longstanding (twenty-five plus years?) intitution in Rosarito.

Twelve or more years ago, our banking officer in Rosarito, after finishing a meeting, invited us to lunch at the "BEST taco stand in BAja, once you go, you will always go back!"

What he said was true and true. The difference is that the Tacos Yaqui in Rosarito serves only charbroiled carne asada on flour tortillas. The limited choices are "beans, no beans, cheese,no cheese, chopped onions/cilantro, no onions/cilantro, salsa/no salsa, guacamole (just ripe, pounded avocado). The only other option is to ask for(free) serving(s) of the charcoal grilled jalapenos.

No combo plates, no seafood, no nothing else; it is simple, pure and sublimely sublime.

In addition to the food, there is the pleasure of elbow rubbing with the always present lineup of customers - low, middle and high end; locals and seasoned Baja travelers -Americans, Europeans and Asin (Japanese,Korean and?).

Gypsy Jan

SIGH - Corrections to my post.
instition = institution
Asan = Asian



Hi Kirk, interestingly I lunched at a place called Yaqui's Tacos in Fountain Valley about a month ago. A strip mall chain type place. The taco I had was very similar to the first you described (but it cost me ~$3.50 for the one). They even had a mascot logo similar to the Tacos Yaqui on your post. I also ate at a Ray's Pizza in NY but forgot which one, haha.


Hi Kat - All od their tacos have interesting names!

Hi santos - he-he-he..... I'm sure someone will elt me know.

Hi Bill - In many places, beans would just mean filler.

Hi Ed - I'm sure this is aprticular style. Pretty good stuff, though.

Hi Jan - I'm not a particular fan of beans in my tacos, but it went well in these.

Hi Sandy - And don't forget the El Pescador truck, it's one exit North of Palomar!

Hi Gypsy Jan - It's so nice to hear from you! These were good, but I don't think it'll stand up against the original.

Hi Dennis - They probably make the same style of tacos!

Masa Assassin

Hi Kirk another great post.... with all these recent post on the Mexican scene you have me fired up to eat more in my hometown.

When this first opened up I asked the folks at the original in Rosarito Beach if they were affiliated and they said "no". Like GJ said the original location only has a few options but its an institution.

As far as the perrones go they look like an exact replica of the originals in Rosarito. Yes perro means dog, and the slang term can mean a number of things but I'm not sure what the owner had in mind when he named his creation "perrones". Next time I'm in Rosarito I will stop by and ask.


Hi MA - There's some good eatin' in your hometown! I'd be interested in the "peronnes story", so be sure to let me know.

Hungry Huy

San Ysidro is a bordertown isn it? No one speaking English is a good sign...haha. The shrimp taco is making me HUNGRYY.


Hi HH - Yes, it is...and yes, it is!!!


Hi to all... Tacos Yaqui in USA has nothig to do with Tacos El Yaqui in Rosarito, its just a bad copy!!!!
The Original Tacos El Yaqui in Rosarito have NO BRANCHES IN USA.


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