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Sunday, 13 September 2009



Thanks for the post. My grandfather used to drink this stuff by the gallon when he came visiting us. He was from Kahuku.

I never got around to drinking any, but I'm going to find a six pack.


bombucha is something you just don't see these days...glad it was good :)


Not familiar with the beer since I was a little girl when I lived on the Big Island and my parents weren't big drinkers. But I'm sure my husband will be looking fwd to trying the "local" stuff when we're vacationing on the Big Island in a few weeks! I haven't been back in almost 20yrs...

Know of any places that we HAVE to eat at? The only thing I remember was the little shaved ice stand/mini-mart we'd stop at on our way home from the community pool.


beer is always worth posting on =)



I think I've seen Primo around quite a lot 'Down Here' in the South Bay.

We have a lot of 'Locals' down here now to the point where even our old Longs Drugs (Now CVS) has a big section for all those can't live without em Hawaiian Supplies.

Primo was definitely one of those 'can't live without em kine' supplies. =P


I don't think I've seen Primo but I don't drink beer and usually don't check out the stock. I'll have to look for it and get a 6-pak for the Mister to try.


Hi Thirtyeyes - By the gallon! My goodness.....

Hi Kat - LOL! I really haven't heard that for the longest time as well.

Hi Rosa - Where on the Big Island? It's been a while for us as well, and I'm more familiar with Hilo than Kona. You may want to check out James's Food Blog:

Hi Lynnea - he-he-he... LOL!

Hi MrM - Actually, I think this version of Primo is much better than what I recall.....of course, it could be that my tastebuds have gone South over the years!

Hi Carol - I was really surpised to see Primo.


I seem to recall Primo t-shirts from waaaay back. The logo seems familiar; I don't drink beer and I'm not from Hawaii.

Back then, I had no idea what Primo was.


Hey Kirk!! I'm so glad the islands own version of PBR is back in action my friend.




Hi Sandy - Yes, that logo was everywhere way back when.

Hi Mike - Funny, huh, how things come back around....


Bevmo has been carrying it for the past few months. Apparently Miller in Irwindale is brewing it. Doesn't taste much different, even with the pure cane sugar than any of the other mass produced domestic beers. I'll take any of the Kona Brewery or Keoki beers first.


We'll be staying in Kona but I used to live in Hilo. I plan on taking a day trip into Hilo to show my husband around and visit old haunts. My sister was there a few years back and said not much has changed and that our old house is still there and look the same (just...older). :D

Thanks for the link! I can't wait for good island grub. :)


Hi Stefan - Having drunk the original, I think it's a bit sweeter. It's not anything to write home about though.

Hi Rosa - Make sure to check out the Hilo's Farmers Market. Too bad Suisan doesn't do the fish auction anymore.

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