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Thursday, 17 September 2009



I call it a clubhouse sandwich myself...loved seeing all that gravy! (and fries!)


I know what you mean. It has that nostalgic feeling that keeps me coming back despite the okay food.
All you need to have is good company just to enjoy the place sometimes. IMO


Hi Kat - You do! That's funny....

Hi Billy - Good point!


Ah yes...shades of another San Diego that existed in my childhood but is fading quickly now.

Not been to Rudford's, but I've been to Keith's in NC and Perry's Cafe often enough.

Many are gone that makes Rudford's and its kind a rare and precious breed for us Lifers, Sysco Brown Vitamin B gravy and all!


Rosa I have a craving for crinkle-cut fries n' gravy. /tummy rumble


Oh wow, we'll have to go back again. The place is fun. Check out the coleslaw.

Hey, and how appropriate. I just learened a new term yesterday that applies to the facade: Googie architecture (
This must be one of the oldest surviving examples in San Diego.


"Chili revenge" lol!! Fries and gravy, yeah baby! I kinda like these places. No judgement, eat what you want to eat and it's okay.

ed (from Yuma)

Wonderful and archetypal. How many meals have most of us eaten in such places?


Hi MrM - There is something precious, and somewhat nostalgic about Rudford's.

Hi Rosa - I must have some kind of internal malfunction to enjoy gravy and fries so much!

Hi Jan - Googie Architecture, I love it. I learn something new everyday. BTW, here's the complete link:

Hi Carol - Yes, you've got it right.... "no judgement eating".

Hi Ed - Though there are those who would deny EVER eating in these places, I believe we end up eating in such joints more often than nought.


I have to say the fries and gravy looked so awesome. Something about the almost 'too' perfect brown smooth texture and color of that gravy brings back elementary school memories :)
Have you tried Keiths on Miramar Road? I think you and the Missus might like that place if you haven't tried already. They are also open 24 hrs.
Thanks for the post - wonderful!


My Dad used to eat at Rutherford's all the time. My husband and I stopped by a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Especially the waitress who had been there for 35 years!


hi kirk
i want to do that thing with the peas in my teeth now! nice!

you know, i've always wondered about rudfords every time i'm on the looks so old school.

i can imagine that scene at the beginning of pulp fiction at rudfords...."all right, everybody be cool, this is a robbery!!!!"


Hi Kirk, I love all breakfast diners. This place particularly seems to vary in consistency depending on which cook is present. Your turkey dinner actually looks beautiful compared to what I had a while back. Thanks for sharing as always and looking forward to posting my photos soon. Cheers.


Hi Faye - Keith's is another place that keeps drawing the Missus.... I guess that'll be done a bit in the future.

Hi Holly - The atmosphere is quite unique for the area.

Hey CC - LOL! You obviously remember doing that! You know, that Pulp Fiction reference is too cool, much to cool for me.... I wish I'd have thought of it!

Hi Dennis - Funny thing, weekend breakfast with the two older women can be kinda....well inflexible. I enjoyed the turkey dinner, if only for the nostalgic feeling.....

Andy (美國土子)

$9.75 for a roast beef sandwich... sounds a little pricey compared to many ethnic offerings these days... so not so cheap. Problem is that in diners usually, they are cooks instead of chefs.

Visit The Crest n Hillcrest and do a post for us. Diner showdown! that place is goooood


ooh yeah all of those gravy shots definitely gave me an itch and I have been thinking about poutine too... I have never seen chili and scrambled eggs together on the menu either, what a cool restaurant!


Hi Andy - I gotta give Cooks their props. A huge plate of food like that for under 10 bucks is pretty good by San Diego standards. Are you mentioning the Crest Cafe?

Hi FH - I'm afraid I've had too much gravy on the brain recently.... I'm sure the recent hot weather will cure me of that.


hi kirk - actually, i never did the peas thing with my teeth as a kid. now as an adult...

i was up there today after making a run to eclipse. i saw the blue restaurant and thought of hunny bunny and pumpkin...


If you get a turkey club on a Sunday night you can request that they make it with the fresh turkey that is part of the daily special. Also have them put avocados on the club - then it will be a sandwich that you will never forget! Also, I fondly remember the delicious homemade biscuits (only order them in the AM when they are fresh!) and the bread pudding...

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