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Thursday, 03 September 2009



hey everybody, it's great to be back. I just wanted to say thank you for supporting me all these years. I will make it a point to put out the very best stuff possible. And yes, a lot of stuff has been sorted out. So, everything is on the up and up.


OMG!!!! i am going tomorrow! i'm another happy person --- overwhelmed that he's back! i'm gonna email my husband right now and tell him the good news! (hubby is deployed and we used to go there all the time!) YAAAAAY!


Hi Farrah - I hope you have a wonderful meal!

Mr Zhang

This is an interesting dish "loco moco".

I did not know "Hawaiian cuisine" is like this.

It looks like a Salisbury steak. Quite juicy and filling I will enjoy very much.


Hi MrZ - The loco moco originated in Hilo in about 1949. You can get a bit of history here:


Been there twice, and the food is as awesome as ever. I hope many more people come to enjoy this food. It's great quality, large quantities (well maybe not as much as the old place, but that's more then understandable), and relatively inexpensive.

I hope you all remember for now that it's Cash Only as Mo has not yet gotten his Credit Card Machine; and he usually takes 60 to 90 minutes in the afternoon to restock and to spend some time with family, which I am sure we all can wait for for such awesome food.

One more thing, try the Lumpia ^_^


Hi RCLC - Yes, the food is as good as ever. I'm waiting until Mo gets settled down to do a more detailed post. Also, he's currently closed on Sundays.


Mo, you are amazing!
I had my husband's surprise party catered by Homestyle Hawaiian this weekend and the food was FABULOUS! Everyone was raving about it. My personal favorite was the shortribs- sweet, spicy and lots of tender meat. Other best bets are the Korean chicken, and Teriyaki Chicken.Thank you Mo and Homestyle Hawaiian, I will definitely be using you again!


Good to hear Mo is back with some great Hawaiian food. Hey Mo good luck I know what is like to be doing five different jobs at one time! Press on!

Buddha  aka  Eric


I am glad to have Mo's BacK! Went there Tuesday and did a loco moco take out. He downsized on portions from the old place?!!! When I got my plate to go.. the container was bulging and wouldnt even close.

Upon feedn da mouth, it made my face go buddha!

A faithful customer who will be back every week.



Hey Eric - In the post I say, "The loco moco was one of the items that has remained the same" so hopefully, that explains the loco moco!


This is awesome he used to have a place near my house and I thought they just closed down. Great Kalbi ribs!


Hi Chris - Wow, this post was from last year! I'm glad you found it though.

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