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Thursday, 03 September 2009



OMG YAY!!! Kirk, you have no clue how happy I am to have Mo's back. My favorite plate lunch in SD by far and I was a sad boy when Mo's closed down as I drove down from Mission Bay for Korean chicken and Loco Mocos.... I shall be going tomorrow!!!


Hi Derek - Great, I'm glad to be able to deliver good news!


Well awesome! Glad Mo's back and I will have to stop by soon.


Woohoo!!! Finally!


we'll have to try this! yum!


hi kirk
never been to the original mo's, but now bert and i can go check out this new place. he likes loco mocos...i'd like to try that korean chicken myself!


I'm so glad Mo's back. I loved him at the old location. We ordered the Korean Chicken every time. Yum!


gawdamnnnn that loco looks "ono"! had to look that word up =p i still gotta try a loco moco ...any recs in my area? or should my first experience be at mo's? =)


I was a big fan of Mo's... and since I live in Scripps Ranch it was a bit TOO convenient.

Will definitely check out his new digs .. I could go for a loco moco :)


so glad your local fix place is back! I've never tried Cafe 100's loco moco but it is supposed to be the original :)


I'm in class, drinking my mug of coffee reading this post. My stomach just let out a grumble. I am definitely stopping by this afternoon because loco moco is on my mind. I am so glad Mo's is back! Thanks for always letting us be in the know Kirk :)


Hi Carol - It's really nice to have Mo back!

Hi Liver - I never knew you were such a fan of Mo's stuff.

Hi Lynnea - Give Mo a couple of weeks to get things straightened out, and try the Korean Chicken.

Hi CC - Right off the 163!!

Hi Caroline - You may want to give Mo a few days to get that fryer dialed in.....

Hi Sawyer - Check out Mo's the next time you're in town, or Island Style Cafe:

Hi Pat - Funny, the Missus and I were saying that this place is probably a bit too close to us.....

Hi Kat - I've had the Loco Moco at Cafe 100 many times, and it never looked like that. But I never had the cheapo $1.99 version....

Hi Linda - I hope I didn't distract you from class too much.


I may not go loco for loco moco, but Korean chicken? Hellz yeah!


Too bad no Korean chicken. I would've defintely eaten than. Never had a loco moco in my life!


I just had an L&L loco moco, which now seems very pathetic next to Mo's version. This new location is pretty close to work; maybe too close!


I loved Mo's until the time we had horrible food there. Now that the food's back to normal, Mo's will be back in my regular rotation. Thanks for letting me know!


OMG!!! Loco moco!!! Oh, how I miss eating loco moco and plate lunches. For five bucks and some odd cents, I will definitely visit this place. I want to see if they can beat Tip Top's.

By the way, why wouldn't anyone like loco moco? Maybe that person didn't have the "good" loco moco.

Mark Sotelo

I paid a visit to Homestyle Hawaiian today for lunch and had the Loco Moco. Because of Kirk's enthusiasm for it, I had to try it. Anyway, I had my first today and it was awesome...and huge. I wasn't able to finish it and I'm a big guy. I'll definitely be back to try the other items and I'll bring reinforcements for the Loco Moco!


Jorge Verdin

The name od the place doesn't matter, follow the chef! ...and Mo is in excellent chef, his food is awesome!


Hi G - I think the Korean Chicken is the best thing that comes out of Mo's kitchen.

Hi SageMom - I think the chicken is now available.

Hi Sandy - You know, I was thinking how dangerously close Mo's is to the way home....

Hi Liver - I think there was a time where Mo wasn't around much.....but hopefully all is straightened out now.

Hi Tammy - Actually the loco moco is $7.95, but more than enough to feed the both of you!

Hi Mark - You shoulda' seen how huge the portions used to be!

Hi Jorge - Actually, I like the name Homestyle Hawaiian, it has a nice ring to it.....

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