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Friday, 18 September 2009



It's really good to have Mo's back again.

You're right about the work in progress thing, he was totally scrambling (and running it by himself) to get everyone's order last time I went in. And he forgot my musubi.

But I can't really hold it against him, his stuff is toooo damn good.


Hi Holly - That's not good... did you mention that to him???


crossing my fingers that it works out for him & you this time, the food sounds so good there!

Andy (美國土子)

Kirk, most of us have never lived in Hawaii so what we know is from vacation photos and what we see on TV and Dog the Bounty Hunter. I've been watching a lot of Magnum PI lately and watching the show, Magnum, TC, Rick, Higgins... they never eat Loco mocos, korean chicken, katsu. They are always eat at fancy country clubs, and posh cuisine back at the Robin Master's estate. I know it's just a TV show and they were selling stereotypical glamorized island life, but was this cuisine around back in the 80's? If it was, I wish I had seen him and TC eating authentic food.

Andy (美國土子)

and one more question... in Magnum PI, every Hawaiian girl is a young beauty dressed in a bikini top, grass skirt or sarong, and has a flower in her hair and doesn't look a day over 25. Please tell me that's true.


This is quite strange for me that Hawaiian cuisine is mostly meats and rice.

I had expected more fruits and seafood that is typical of tropical islands


Thanks for the Twitter info, Kirk. I'll keep an eye out on the hours so I can swing by for lunch.


From what I have seen, Hawaiian food seems like real junk. Fried, heavy, starchy, gobs of crap. Am I wrong? I would never spend a dime any SD joint serving what looks like blobs of puke.


I'm not Holly, you must have me confused. Yeah, I mentioned it but he kept forgetting. Again, I won't hold it against him; he looked overwhelmed. We'll just see if I can get a free one off him next time.

His mac salad would be a LOT better if he properly salted it, I think.


ahhhh, more gravy shots! I love mac salad and rice with gravy... katsu with gravy! hopefully your special coleslaw will show up on the menu one day.


Hi Kat - I hope so too.

Hi Andy - First off, what this is plate lunch, not Hawaiian Food. It is in essence it's "Creole Food", influenced by all the various races that have hit Hawaii's shores. You rarely see those things on TV, because well the folks making the shows aren't really Local.

Hi Mr Z - There's lots of fruits, mostly for breakfast. What you're seeing not Hawaiian Food per se, but plate lunch, what we call "local food".

Hi Carol - Yes, with all the changes, the Twitter thing helps us keep up.

You are mistaken Starving Man, nothing was gloppy, perhaps you've been eating too much cheap Chinese Food? It is carb heavy, and there's a good deal of history behind what you're seeing. Perhaps reading Rachel Lauden's Food of Paradise will help. It's a fantastic read. You realize that "abnormal attitudes and behaviors in regard to food" is one of the main symptoms of Starving, man....

Hi HB - Sorry, my bad, there's another HB named Holly who comments once in a while. Mo has changed up his Mac Salad recipe over the last week, I asked because the last time I had it, it was much improved.

Hi FH - Katsu w/Gravy = Chicken Cutlet! ;o)


Posted Via Mo's Twitter

$18 and 1 hour
Loco Moco Patty, Kalua, and Katsu on a hawaiian plate of 6 eggs, 9 scoops of rice, 3 scoops of Mac salad, and covered in Mushroom Gravy.

My Goal is to be the first to conquer the plate. I was going to go eat it today but Mo ended up not opening because of a wedding. Oh well, a new week is coming!


Kirk, interested in meeting up and taking photos along with trying to finish the Loco Moco Challenge yourself?


Hi Derek - Mo's asked me about that...... but there's no way at my age I'll be able to do it. BTW, when I was younger, I did finish the Challenge at Beth's Cafe. Tell you what, finish the challenge, and I'll, ummmm, buy you lunch! ;o) Good luck!


Haha, and hey, at least you have your tale to brag about ;-) I'll take some pictures of the before and after and send it your way =)


Hi Derek - I'd love to see the photographic evidence.


Kirk, I know that his hours are fluctuating based on demands placed upon him, but do you know what his weekday hours will be?


Hi RCLC - Right now, it's Tuesday to Friday 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 8pm. I believe he's closed on weekends for Sept. You may want to follow him through Twitter. I'm guessing you've gone there and the place has been closed? That happened to me one /monday.

This site has been a lifesaver! I lived in Hawaii for about 2 years up until 2008 and my girlfriend was born and raised there but now lives here with me in San Diego. We are always trying to find the best places to eat any hawaiian style food because you definitely miss it after leaving the island. So i found this article yesterday and immediately went to Mo's and have to say it was really good. Also Mo was really cool too. I ordered the Korean Fried and the Lava Chicken. Everything was really good. I hadnt had Korean Fried Chicken quite like this but it was defintely good. The only time i had chicken labeled "Korean Fried Chicken" was in this Foodland in Lai'e in 2007. I called them up yesterday finally and just asked them what their sauce was and i guess its teriyaki based and it was marinated for hours and hours. I wanna try to find that style too. I also once had Char Siu fried chicken? Gotta find that too. But i'm getting off track. Thanks so much for the site. Gonna check out every place you review!


Hi Montrey - Thanks for the kind words. I've actually made Char Siu Chicken, it's not very hard. BTW, you may not want to try every place I've posted on....some of them were not that great! Thanks for reading, and especially for taking the time out to comment!

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