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Tuesday, 15 September 2009



not knowing what birria was, I anticipated a post about beer :0

ed (from Yuma)

You know, they probably don't have too many Asian looking gents coming in and having goat stew for breakfast. No wonder they found you amusing.


Hi Kay - LOL! The first thing that came to mind was goat flavor "beeru".... ;o)

Hi Ed - And an Asian who totally butchers Spanish at that! ;o)


Looks good too bad it was just ok.
Then again it's a seafood and goat place. Maybe they should focus in on a particular item. IMO


Hi Billy - That could be correct..... man do tey serve everything in the world.

Andy (美國土子)

Birria at 9:30 in the morning? Either they got up very early to make it or it's left over???

Andy (美國土子)

Second though.. Mariscos y Birria = Mexican Surf and Turf

I once went to a Birriaria in Pomona where I live after waiting what seemed to be 15-20 mins to spoon simmer stew into a togo container, I decided the lady was busy melting frozen birria in a pot before spooning it into the to go container.


Hey Andy - Don't you know that stews sometimes taste better the next day??? ;o) But those tortillas were pretty fresh.


LOL it's probably true that it does taste better the next day. Maybe cause:
A. You're not to tired.
B. Everything finally cooked out.
C. You're starving.
D. All the above.



awww, and it started off so well with the sizzling chips. those tortillas look good and although rudimentary, you were able to communicate with the servers - that's impressive!


Hi Billy - Add also, the flavors have chance to develop.....

Hi FH - If you call single words in very, very, very bad and embarassing Spanish communicate..... ;o) I should be able to do more, considering I live in San Diego!

Masa Assassin

I love birria kirk, Im in the same boat as you it has to have some kick to it. Wow that menu on the window is crazy everything from menudo to raspados haha. Hey when it starts getting cooler you and the missus should try our birria recipe I think you would like it.


Hi MA - I did bookmark your recipe....and will indeed try it out when things get a bit cooler!

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