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Tuesday, 22 September 2009



had to look up dry aged beef, but sounds pretty interesting. i've never had that before. that steak really does look good though. and man a gourmet shake? lol i've never had one of those either, but now i've cravin for a chocolate shake...


I agree with you sometime I don't understand why a good piece of meat needs to be adulterated with any sauce especial A1, YUCK!

ed (from Yuma)

Gorgeous steak

Nice to hear from you again.

Vicky (SF Bay Area)

@ Sawyer - Alton Brown had a great episode on good eats explaining it... dry aging develops the flavor so it has more depth and makes it more tender... i think rainwater in sd offers dry aged...

@nhbilly - TOTALLY AGREE!!! I like my steaks plain. if it's good, it'll hold up on its own!

@ed - Thanks!! It feels good to be writing again!


hello! that is one mouthwatering picture of dry aged steak!


Welcome back Vicky!

Judy @ TinkerWithFood

Bristol had a 40% off sale on all beef steaks last week. Hope you went!!!


I usually add a dollop of butter (or anchovy butter) on top of my steak, it bastes it quite nicely. But sometimes, I agree - just unadulterated.

Larissa Dobbin

Oh my God, that steak is mouth-watering! It looks so delicious!I have to visit Lark Creek because of this. It's my goal to eat the best steaks in the whole USA, haha.

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