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Sunday, 27 September 2009



hi kirk - mmm - gobernador tacos!!!

sorry for the ig'nance, but what's RTA? I know that toys r us's near Fun 4 All!


Looks tantalizing. I pass by that truck all the time. I've never been, though. I may have to stop by, especially since I'll probably be doing a lot of xmas shopping at TRU.


everything looks so good!


Hi CC - It's an appliance store.

Hi Johari - This place is worth a stop.

Hi Kat - It was good.


The tacos look so good. I only wish Chula Vista wasn't so far from me.

Masa Assassin

Hi Kirk, Im also prefer Mariscos Germans Gobernador , this is my go to spot for regular fish tacos when Im in the area. The fish Tacos are very respectable.

Thanks for the info on the move.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Gee, everything looks so delicious and priced so well! The 1.25 fish taco certainly beats Rubio's fish taco just by its looks :). The food is so vibrantly colored. Only if they were closer to my area :).


Hi Kirbie - They are. You should make a trip of it.....go to Hogetsu, and hit this place on the way back.

Hi MA - Those fish tacos are good.

Hi ETE - Ugh, Rubio's...... 'nuff said.


Hard to tell from the photo, but does the gogernador filling have any spices in it? Or just salt and pepper?


Sorry, "Gobernador". That "G" and "B" are a bit close on the keyboard.


Hey Jan - At least you didn't call it a booger-nador! ;o) It has a nice amount of cilantro, and I believe some oregano as well. Very good flavor. You can also add some of the sauces available to kick it up a bit if you desire.

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