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Sunday, 20 September 2009



hi kirk -
is this the one on the corner of 3rd and orange? if so, that used to be Woo Chee Chong, a now defuncy Asian grocery store that was the predecessor to Ranch 99, Seafood City etc. The original location was downtown, then there was the Chula Vista location. this one closed around the mid 90's. i haven't been back since, but now, after reading this post, I will definitely be back for those tacos!

the tiny strip mall down below facing orange has a flower shop, a Mexican food joint, a Chinese bakery (but owned by Filipinos) and a beauty salon with the curious moniker "D'Sexy Look"! Nice!


Hi CC - Yes, it's on the corner of Orange and 3rd - go on the weekends.... a buck for the Al Pastor is a bargain.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

What a nice find! I need to try more of these taco places out. The last time I had al pastor was in the rain and no, it was not as good as what you describe this place to be! The tacos have such bright colors and look so filling :).


very very nice! been a while since i've had some real good al pastor, let alone w/ pineapple. would u say this is now your favorite al pastor joint in sd?


this is when I wished I had a car and this type of place to eat from...


eating on the hood, LOL. Somebody musta misplaced the tailgate.

ed (from Yuma)

Glad somebody else is reminded of char siu by al pastor. Those tacos look good!


"You know, I'm not a very religious person..."

Ahem. I wasn't either until I read this post. ;)


Hi ETE - This Al Pastor was made right, as you can tell I enjoyed it.

Hi Sawyer - I don't know if it's my favorite, but a combination of factors, i.e. price, flavor, and environment made this.....

Hi Kat - LOL! I'd go for the car first! ;o)

Hi RONW - It would be eating on my tailgate..... if I had one!

Hi Ed - Yes, these did have a mild Char Siu flavor to them.

LOL Jan - I guess good Al Pastor could be described as a religious experience????


Hi Kirk,

I love love love al pastor. I don't particularly like Mexican food but on my last trip to Cancun, the hotel made some killer al pastor. It's been hard to find something close to that here in SD.

Have you tried Tacos el Gordo? They're suppose to be known for their al pastor but when i tried it, i found it a bit disappointing. I'm curious to know your take on it (if you've been there).

Your newfound place looks good thou! Thanks for the post!


Oh man, Kirk! I just had tacos here in NYC the other day...I've gotten so used to the $2.75-$3.50 per taco price that places here charge...the shock of that price didn't hit me till I read your post, lol


LOL I made tacos over the week and boy I wish I had some al pastor.


Hi Faye - Yes, many times. I thought the Al Pastor I've had been good to fair, but it fluctuates. I like the Suadero at Tacos El Gordo. I've got a post from waay back when.

Hi Kathy - Yes ,these are pretty reasonable. Over $3 a taco, unless it's some kind of seafood (i.e. smoked marlin) is pretty steep.

Hi Billy - That shouldn't be too hard to find in your neck of the woods.


Hey it looks char siu BBQ

Sweetish glazed it seems, but white sauce added looks like Doner Kebap from Germany.


Hi MMMY - You don't know how close you are! You can read a bit more about "shepherd style tacos" here:

Masa Assassin

Hi Kirk that I also stumbled across that place by accident. This was a while back and I must have went on a day they did not have pastor. Looking at your pictures and your description it looks like I am going to have to make a trip back. Thanks


Hi MA - At a buck a crack it's worth it. It's also kinda fun watching the guy work.


This place is open every day and has all of the tacos including the Al Pastor.

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