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Thursday, 20 August 2009



"branch chain fatty acids produced by the rumen...combined with the thymol stored in the fat.."



glad the goat dish was good :)


hi kirk! i like how you were "prepared" to represent with your GOT GOAT shirt!!!! ha ha

that's funny how they were reluctant to give you the know more about Filipino food than some Filipinos!


Hi Chris - LOL! I had always wondered what gave lamb and goat meat their unique "fragrance".

Hi Kat - Yes, it was good.

Hi CC - Actually, it was just coincidence.... I just happened to have that shirt on that day. I realized it when the young lady didn't want to give me the Kaldereta! ;o)


Totally off the topic but has anyone tried Quik Wok in RB for their chinese breakfast, you tiao, soybean milk, beef roll.

Saw it on yelp that they have breakfast"chinese menu" on the weekends.


haha, love the shirt! Kaldereta is one of my favorite dishes, along with menudo (sp?). Too bad the lechon wasn't good. I've had nothing but mediocre to bleh lechon lately.

ed (from Yuma)

Gotta love the sci tech food approach. And the goat does look good.


i love that you pointed to your shirt. 'see? i am wearing a shirt proclaiming my love of goat!'


Glad you came out with something decent.


Thanks for the link Kirk! I've had the crispy pata a few times. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it is a bit too dry. I'm going to try the Kaldereta next time.


That is the funniest shirt ever! Hahaha!

Masa Assassin

Kirk I must have that shirt!!!!! :P

Andy (美國土子)

now stored into GPS =)


hmmm, that lechon kawale looks just like chicharrone... and what's crispy pata? too bad it wasn't as good as it looks.


That shirt really is fantastic. Where did you get it?


Hi Roland - Wow, another one for my list!

Hi Carol - This version was pretty good.

Hi Ed - Awhile back, I was wondering what gave goat and lamb it's unique smell and flavor, and that's what I learned.

Hi Dave - LOL! I really didn't pay attnetion when I chose that t-shirt, but I guess it was useful!

Hi Billy - I'm glad as well!

Hi Kirbie - If you don't mind goat, give the kaldereta a shot. I thought it was pretty good.

Hi Faye - Thanks..... I love that shirt!

Hi MA - I'll see if they still have it in stock! There's one that says "Got Balut"..... ;o)

Hi Andy - This place is cheap, and not bad.

Hi FH - Lechon Kawale is simmered than deep fried pork belly... it still has the skin on. Crispy Pata is a simmered, than deep fried pork leg ("pata"):

Hi Lynnea - It's from a company called "Filipino Style".... but that shirt is really, "my style" wouldn't you agree? ;o)

In Lechon Philippine

Wow! they are so delicious all the food looks so nice i like all of them,thank you for sharing this.


Hungry Huy

Lechon Kawali sauce is usually kinda gross for me too. I like it dipped in the garlic vinegar.

Where is the best place you've had lechon kawali?

I LOVE this stuff. I'm currently learning to make some at home because the closest fix is Salo Salo out in Artesia.


Hi HH - There are a couple of places that do it well, Point-Point, Pinoy Fiesta, etc..... but so much of it is timing. If you get there when it is fresh, oh-man.....


too bad this isn't in the Philippines, i would have headed off towards it if it was just around the city... glad you enjoyed it! :D

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