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Monday, 03 August 2009



I've been to the Culver City location several times and while it was good, I felt it was a little overpriced for what you got. I've never gotten a craving to go back but it is a popular joint with the lunch crowd out there and I always enjoy my the seared ahi. I do like the fact that it's a healthier option but my brain n' tummy always asks me "Why pay for that leafy green stuff when you could have a yummy Honey Kettle fried chicken a few doors down?" And I can't quite hear my waistline protesting against them...


Funny,the Mister and I were just at LS for lunch on Friday. We ended up at Sushiya. It was the first time at LS for me. I'll have to mention this place to him for the next time we meet for lunch.


Looks so fancy for a franchise and from $5-$10 bucks it seems like a bargain. I guess my only complaint just by the looks of the picture and from Rosa's comment - where is the beef?


Comparing salad to Honey Kettle Fried chicken is kind of unfair, Rosa. I know what I'd pick... Anyhow, since it is a franchise, maybe the CC location is (or was) cutting back on the portion sizes. I find the portions to be just right from the San Diego branch (no leftovers but don't leave hungry).

Small world, Carol! That's when we were there...right down the hall.

It is fancy and the corresponding prices are not bad, Bill. The protein portion is about 6 ounces:normal but not oversized. Only the spinach salad had no can see the chicken, tuna and flank steak in the photos.


hi cathy!
great post - i've been to tender greens twice and liked it both times - i had the angus flank steak...i just wish they'd serve it with some sort of sauce or gravy! the portions are just right as well. : )

ed (from Yuma)

I've read about this place - but it's always nice to see the photos. Plus I like your explanations.


Hi CC-It was quite tasty without the gravy...even the potatoes. I didn't feel the need to add salt or pepper. Must try the rest of the menu...

Thanks, ed. I try :)


We used to frequent a place that was very similar in Palo Alto called Pluto's about 10 years ago. They only had seared beef or grilled chicken though from what I remember. The rosemary bread was amazing though. I wonder if that place is still around?

Alice Q. Foodie

Luuurve this place. Had a red velvet cupcake on my last visit and it was life changing - as was the fresh corn soup. I also had a halibut special with white beans (with bacon)that was wonderful. On a technical note - is it actually a franchise or a mini chain? I don't know but it can make a difference, since franchises are independently owned and operated.


There is a Pluto's (it is vegetarian) at 482 University Ave in Palo Alto, JanFrederick...but Liberty Station is closer.

Hi Alice! Only because each location uses local in season produce, and makes their own desserts (not following a standard recipe) opposed to items provided by 'corporate', I assume it is franchised out. The other day, I sat a table away from owner-types who were discussing aspects of the LS location, as well as taste testing those Asian dumplings you see on the cookie trays on the other side of the counter in the photo with tomatoes in the foreground. In any case, I love it here too. Great fresh food at reasonable prices.


We eat at Tender Greens all the time! The concept isn't really that unique but all the food tastes fresh and delicious! Could it be that they use only organic and self-farmed greens? Glad you enjoyed it, the flank steak is really good!

Keahi Pelayo

Are they a franchise, if so, when will they be coming to Honolulu?


It is a wonderful place, TMAH. I like the idea of local fresh foods at reasonable prices. Kind of like how I eat at home without having to have all the ingredients to satisfy each of us.

Hi Keahi. The third location opened only 3 months ago (first location opened 3 years ago), so, the economy combined with the concept of local fresh items and complicated state laws, it'll take a while for a Hawaii location. Easier to fly over and try it!

Brother of Cathy

Is this near the place where the Mr., you, I and DB had that extravagant pizza and other pasta ? I remember a Von's and TJ's


Bingo! I didn't do a post on it though. I will. Mom got some spumoni ice cream at Krogers today. (:


I love this place and really like the Chinese Chicken salad. Be careful if you go at lunch during the week...this place gets hella crowded!


Hi again, James. I worked this area on Election Day in May and could not get in for my break...Crazy busy on a Tuesday. Oddly, I have not tried the Chinese Chicken Salad. But I will!


this place looks pretty good and the prices seem pretty fair. i've been craving fresh choice lately, but these pictures def. top FC by a hundredfold =p i hope they will make one closer to me here


It is a pretty good deal, Sawyer, although Fresh Choice looks interesting also. The Culver City location of TG is a bit closer for you.


I gotta say, your pictures make Tender Greens look pretty great, Cathy. It's officially being added to my list of restaurants to try.

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