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Sunday, 09 August 2009



lol forgot about these stories. i once looked for noble chef but couldn't find it when i was back in school. but i saw it randomly last weekend. and btw, whatever happened to captain jack?


:hissing: it's gina, witch!

your retort was perfect, and even better that you declined to review the pie.


also, laughing at the NPP fugitive milk story. did you just hand the guy his milk and walk away?


lol on the milk story!

Judy Lee

HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... shoulda kept that milk and had it with your pizza... ok maybe not.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

HILARIOUS milk and pizza story! Why do people react in such a way? The only similar experience I can have is when I said hi to a teacher. Instead of replying he just turned and ran away in the other direction!


Hi Sawyer - CJ is still around, just taking things a bit more slowly nowadays.

Hi Santos - I was so out of breath when I gave the dude his milk that I couldn't say much. He did tell me, "thanks"......

Hi Judy - Heartburn and Lactose Intolerance at the same time..... ;o)

Hi ETE - What kind of student were you to cause that reaction? ;o) I dunno why he reacted the way he did.....

The Food Ho

Ha Ha Ha......ROFL! I can picture you chasing the guy down the street... you're such a good samaratin! You will take your milk if I have to chase you and pin you down. And then I disagree about the Bronx Pizza story... Kirk sounds exactly like David. Thanks for making my insomnia laden morning!


HAHAHAHAHA! snort-chortle! Love the stories.

I'll have to check out Chibugan and see how it is compared to the old Eddels.


heehee! ok that made my monday morning and now I'm craving shrimp


Hi TFH - LOL! I guess I'm funny in that way.....

Hi Carol - People are funny, aren't they?

Hi FH - I'm glad I could bring some levity to your Monday morning.


Chibugan restaurant is very Filipino dishes.. I can't help myself but to laugh on the story of milk and pizza, nice one you got there...


that's so funny because my experience with Bronx pizza has vastly improved over the last 6 months. maybe it was an off day.

Alice Q. Foodie

Those stories are HILARIOUS Kirk. I am sorry I missed seeing you run down ECB with a carton of milk for that guy. He probably thought you were his parole officer.

I also have a few choice words for Bronx, but this is a family blog. ;-) Leftys is almost as close now!


Hi Lynnea - I'm used to the wise... and grumpy service at Bronx, but this one is in a league of its own!

Hi Alice - Geeez, I hope no one else saw that....could be embarassing...say it made it YouTube. Yikes. I've yet to make it to Lefty's Mission Hills location, but I think that's where I'm getting pizza the next time! ;o)

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