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Monday, 10 August 2009



wow impressed you went back right after eating at HCK :)


How funny, fake Fido - Vietnamese have such a plate too ;-)


Hi Kat - We love leftovers!

Hi Billy - Bun Gia Kay??? One of my favorite dishes at Viendong Restaurant in GG!


I dont know about fake dog meat, but I sure would love some of that pig bones pickles in soy sauce...o_O????? my favorite restaurant in rosemead is bacalli... mmmmmmmmmmmm!


Hi Judy - Do you mean the Chinese Rotisserie place on Valley????


Hi Kirk,

This reminds me of my Dad's definition of "Northern" vs "Southern" China. According to him, "Southern" China is Hong Kong, and "Northern" China is everywhere else!


I think so. I just remember it as that place that serves spaghetti with everything, but their Triple Crown is grubbbbbbb. Filet mignon, pork chop, and something else... its been at least 5 years since I've been! That was a college weekend thing for me.


I like the name da bing!


Sounds like the perfect da bing! How about some fake...oh I can't even say it. hehe

Too bad the Stir Fried Mushrooms wasn't good because it looks good.


Hi Zompus - LOL! I hope he doesn't make compasses for a living!

Hi Judy - I think that's it....

Hi FH - he-he-he..... OK, one more time for you... Da Bing!

Hi Carol - ooohhh, don't go there!

Wandering Chopsticks

This was the restaurant I sent you the photo of two years ago! You know, when I thought I ordered Peking pork and they gave me something that looked like dogfood and I asked you to help me identify it? I've been meaning to go back and haven't since. Their cumin lamb is supposed to be good.


Hi WC - Yes, I remember that! I'm always up for cumin lamb, so thanks for the rec. BTW the Da Bing was really good.

Wandering Chopsticks

BTW, thanks for the da bing photo. My sister saw someone eat that at Kang Kang and didn't know what it was called so she couldn't order it herself. She was too embarrassed to point and say she wanted what he's having. I've been going to Kang Kang for my shen jen bao and jing dong meat pie cravings if you and the missus ever want to go for there for that.


Hi WC - You know, we've been to Kang Kang, but were too early for the SJB. We'll try to time our visit better next time.

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