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Friday, 07 August 2009



mmm the eggplant sounds heavenly, at least the meal started and ended well.


My eyes, my mouth, and .... is burning.


what is Beijing style yogurt? that sounds pretty interesting. and those eggplants look particularly delicious


Where's the meat? All I see are chilies... My stomach just started to churn...


Now...the eggplant, at least, looks like what I was after at Hunan in RB.

It's a pity about the dry-cooked fish. It looks promising. Was it supposed to be dry-cooked preserved fish or did they just leave the fish out too long?


Hi FH - That eggplant was excellent!

Hi Billy - Sorry about the ... thing! ;o)

Hi Sawyer - There's a better description at the end of this post:

We also visited Bluecherry's shop but I haven't posted on that.

Hi Judy - There's actually a good amount of intestine in that dish.

Hi MrM - It seemed to be a salt preserved/semi dried fish, much like shishamo or urume maruboshi. It tasted a bit off. And yes, Hunan, doesn't really make any Hunan dishes.

Andy (美國土子)

where did you get the yogurt?


Hi Andy - All of these places, Tianjin Bistro, Xiang Wei Lou, and Hunan Chilli King sell them for about $2.50. Just look for the posters in the restaurant. It's a good way to get your stomach set for spicy food.


wow everything sounds spicy, I would definitely regret eating that much chili!

Eat. Travel. Eat!

I've always been wondering about the Beijing Yogurt that is here in the SGV. I have seen it at some bakeries at San Gabriel but have never sampled it before. Great to know that it is good! I do like it when I travel; drinking it is very fun :). The hotel that I go to that serves it gives special straws just for it!

The rest of the items make me cry. So spicy! I think I can handle the eggplant though. It is interesting that how restaurants like to oil blanch their eggplant. Make the eggplant cook faster?

Faine G

I miss Beijing style yogurt from my China days! I need to find a source for it here in Sacramento.

I gotta find my way into more Hunan food in the near future. I like the concept of the dry cooked fish, and it's a shame they didn't turn out! The eggplant, however, I'd get up right next to (as they say). Great report as always, Kirk.


Hi Kat - It was pretty spicy, but nothing we couldn't handle (this time).

Hi ETE - It is pretty good.....tart and sour with a sweet finish. I think the fact that it is liquidy turns some folks off. It reminds me of the yogurt we had in Peru, and is kinda close to what the Missus used to have in Beijing....perhaps a bit sweeter, and not as sour. Oil blanching helps theeggpalnt keep its shape so it doesn't turn into mush. And tought it seems counter-intuitive, I believe that by oil blanching the eggplant will acutally soak up less oil.

Hi Faine - Dry-cooking/dry frying is very common in Sichuan cuisine as well. I'm still trying to see if there's any way I can that yogurt in San Diego.


Hello Mr. Kirk,

You may recall that oil blanching is simply a layer of oil on top of water then when boiling, add vegetables to blanch shortly. This way, vegetables have lighter, but still rich flavour unlike fried.

Gailan in dimsum is prepared this way.


Hi MMYreader(Mr Z?) - You may not recall that Oil Blanching (guo youu???) to quote a few references is: "the relatively simple cooking technique which is a sealing process. The aim is to seal in flavor and juices." "Heat the wok pour three cups of peanut oil into it......etc, etc, etc...." Please check you references - I used The Chinese Kitchen by Eileen Yin-Fei Lo, Breath of the Wok, and Fuchsia Dunlop's Land of Plenty......

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