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Saturday, 22 August 2009


Masa Assassin

Hi Cathy that sounds like an interesting combo Salvadoran/Mex, Im wondering how this stacks up against the other Salvadoran places you have covered in SD.

I have only been to the Neveria Tocumbo in Chollas View, but I can honestly say they have some of the best Mexican Ice Cream I have had outside of Mexico. I think you guys would really enjoy the Guava flavor. They have some great exotic flavors like rose pedals.

Tell Kirk he should wear a "Got Durian" shirt to Tocumbo :P

ed (from Yuma)

Nice to read about some Salvadoran food, since my local pupuseria is closed for August.
:-( Do they have aguasfrescas? I find a good fruit drink can be both beverage and desert.


Looks like a good eats place and the pictures looks good too.


I haven't blogged about any other Salvadorean places, MA, but Kirk has. I like them all, but this one is clser to home for me. The recent pupusas I have had came from Northgate Gonzalez, and those are made early in the morning, not when you order.
I think Neveria Tocumbo is family owned and it is wonderful. I actually had wanted a fruit salad, (had been to Fruitilandia last weekend), but it was so humid the other day, I gave in for some ice cream...and it was difficult to choose one flavor.
Since Kirk has a 'Got Goat?' t-shirt, he probably does have a "Got Durian?" one also...

Ha, ed! Closed for August...kind of reminds me of the Dairy Queen-like stores in Detroit being closed for Winter... Yes, PS&MF has agua de frutas Salvadoreña, Horchata Salvadoreña (and Mexicana) and Granadilla Salvadoreña, as well as Jamaica and Tamarindo Mexicana, in $1.75 or $2.25 sizes. It is a great little hole in the wall.

Thanks, Bill!


hmm i have yet to try a pupusa. i see those places around LA all the time and always wondered what a pupuseria was. tocumbo looks great too...i've never seen a mexican/elsalvadorean ice cream joint. i look forward to that post!


hi cathy
what a cool find! now there's another place to go for pupusas!!!


Pupusas are wonderful, especially if you like fresh corn tortillas, Sawyer (when I get something and they ask me if I want corn or flour tortillas, I always get corn...) I guess we never did a post on Fruitilandia on the blog, Neveria is similar, but apparently a 'chain' with three locations. They make fruit salads, smoothies, ices, just juice, vegetable salads and ceviche or tostilocos.

Hi, CC! I tend to want to try a place more than once before I post and sometimes don't get back for a while... it has been here and was perfect on the day we went.


Cathy, I have a great weakness for good refried beans and rice... your pupusa plate sounds so good, especially since they were made fresh to order!


Excellent refried beans and rice, FH. That is one of my criteria wherever I eat- basics must be done well...


I've never had Salvadoran food and that Bistek Salvadoreño looks delicious.

Miguel S.

Sounds delish... I will try it... I'm going to be in that area soon :-) We will see...

- Miguel S.
Mexican Foor Carnisour :-) (Spell check )


Welcome to our blog, Miguel. Do stop by when you are in the neighborhod. It's very good.

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