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Monday, 31 August 2009



I saw this place last week and I was too scared to try it on my own. I'm glad you tried it, though! Do they have dumpling and wonton noodles there? Do they only have chicken there?


funny name...seems like u had some fun w/ it as well =p love how you used the word "ho-hum." looks like that lemongrass chicken got nothing on ya or hunan chili king...


Hiya, Kirk! That's a riot about your "Chicken Delight" flashback -- their jingle is imprinted on my brain from childhood too! As for this restaurant, hmmm, your review isn't making me want to rush right out and check it out, but who knows? Meanwhile, your ponderings about "chicken phat" compelled me to share this other unforgettable ditty with you: ... enjoy! :-D


Thanks for the fish tank photo. When the Aquarium store closed in that mall, more fish showed up in the Luong Hai Ky tanks, but not for consumption.
Sounds like some of the food could use those mysterious mustard bottles that LHK kept on the tables...At least I know I can get soup here (when it gets cooler).


I've never been a big fan of chicken dumplings for the exact reason you mentioned. But Phat's looked promising. Hope the food improves with time after all the kinks are (hopefully) worked out.


Hi Tammy - It's all chicken, all the time......

Hi Sawyer - You know me, I can't help it....I had to really exercise restraint.

Hey Mizducky - Geeez, Meredith Wilson and Robert Preston went from the Music Man to that?

Hi Cathy - Soup is the way to go here.....

Hi Carol - I think folks are going to have problems with the prices and portion sizes, but like I mentioned to Cathy, soup is the way to go.


Some reason this place seem to Phail. Honestly how hard can it be to cook rice correctly?

Judy @ TinkerWithFood

I'm loving the "chicken delight" part of the signage... The noodle soup looks deeeeelicious!


Hi Billy - "Phail".... he-he-he....

Hi Judy - The soup is the best thing they make here...... so far...


Um yeah, Phat is a common name and last name in vietnamese.. not the kind of phat you were thinking of. It threw me off at first on your review making me think it was corny but I see you got it from the name. It's stupid how people misconstrue common viet names like Dung and Phat and think the owner of the establishment is trying to be funny or something. Not really.


Hi FOY - "Ummm" Yes, I know that, I have friends with that last name....but I know that this place is using a play on words, i.e. the slang phat, which is defined as meaning "excellent" as well as the name, in addition to the Chinese "Fat" which means success/wealth. How do I know? Because I asked. If they can use a play on can I, right? I guess they were so witty that the play on words just went right over your head, huh? If it was just they family name in question, I would not have poked humor at it. i.e. "Phat Ky"


Hi Kirk, those chicken wings sure look fantastic!! Now that you mention I'm very interested in tying out the curry broth as well.. Cheers


Hi Dennis - They weren't very good though. That curry does sound interesting...


Seems like you + everyone on yelp thinks the soup is lack luster. I came in with friends and we think the rice dishes are solid.

BTW, congrats on being the #1 google result for the place! haha =D


Hi Richandcreamy - I hope this place steps up a bit. I'm not sure about solid as they seem to use a very low quality broken rice. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


YOU may want to re-visit this Phat restaurant again. We went there today. It is now the first and only all you can eat Vietnamese Buffet in San Diego. It was really good. As a Vietnamese, even I enjoyed the varieties of dishes, and oh yeah, save room for the Vietnamese sweet desert soups! Lunch is $10 and Dinner is $16 (with 7 course beef dishes included)

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