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Tuesday, 04 August 2009


Mary Palmer

Hi Kirk-
Follow you on Twitter and just rt'd your post. We love your referrals and have tried many of them. Keep 'em coming!
Mary & George (Taste Cheese Shop)


Hi Mary - Thanks for reading, and commenting! I try not to over-twitter, but sometimes if I find a place interesting I will. I hope the places you've tried have worked out well for you. Thanks again for taking the time out to read.


Kirk, I miss Peruvian food - the classic lamb and chicken dish and oh the silky sauce on those potatoes to die for.


Some interesting dishes. I've not yet explored Peruvian Cuisine so I'll have to investigate.

I might not try this place, but one closer to my home.

In Chula Vista, one block south of where Hogetsu Bakery is, there's a place called El Dorado.

Yelpers have been scoring it pretty high and making comparisons with it and Latin Chef.

Just another idea for lunch for you and the Misses the next time you go on a Mochi run. ;-)


Hi Billy - Oh man, that's too bad.

Hi MrM - Been to El Dorado:

I'm gonna check out their ceviche for a comparison in the near future.


sounds like a keeper, hope they do well!


hi kirk - cool post- another peruvian place to try out!


Hi Kat - I think we'll go back, but I think they are a bit uneven.

Hi CC - Yes, go ahead and check them out.


My mission in USA is to promote the real and delicious peruvian food. Also criticize when is not the real "peruvian flavor" or mix our food with mexican/american flavor.
El Dorado is not a real peruvian restaurant. I have a lot of complaints for the peruvian/mexican mix .. really sucks.

Now, I recommend a lot of people Aji Seco and sometimes Latin Chef.
Now I recommend NAZCA GRILL and I have a complaint here, please see below:

"Hi Fernando,

Here is my feedback, hope it helps them out.


We had the Ceviche Pescado which wasn’t too bad, Aji Seco made a better one.

We also had the Ceviche Tiradito which was good, but yours (Fernando) was definitely way better. My complaint for this dish is that it was really expensive for what we got. It was ~$11 for 6 slices of fish which was really disapponting. This is the same price you would pay for a really expensive sushi restaurant.

Entrees – All the portions were pretty small and not that filling. When I ate at Aji Seco I would always have some leftovers to take home. This is especially true for the noodle dishes…noodles are not that expensive…they need to put more in.

Lomo Saltado: The taste was there but not very flavorful. Aji Seco’s was better.

Rotisserie Chicken: This was really good but the portions were really small for the price.

Mixed Brocheta (potatoes, beef heart, peppers, chicken, shrimp) – This dish came with 2 skewers and each skewer had one ingredient each which wasn’t enough. The beef “hearts” tasted like regular beef flank, it didn’t have the same muscle texture as beef heart.

Tallarin? (Noodles with chicken) – This was ok, it tasted kind of bland.

We went on Saturday night and even though there were only 2 other tables the food came out really slow. My friend’s mixed broceta didn’t come out until the rest of us were almost done eating. Maybe it was a good thing that it wasn’t crowded that night, because everyone would have had to wait for a very long time.

Thank you,

Oi-Kay Ho "

***A Peruvian restaurant must have Peruvian chefs, not mexicans ***

Thank you Oi-Kay, I have to go to the restaurant and go back to you.

-Fernando Romero


Hi Fernando - Thanks for know, I'd like to know what you thought rather than doing a cut and paste of someone elses email. How about doing that in the future? Thanks!


You are welcome.
Not a problem. I'll do it.



I came to eat at Aji Seco, reluctantly, and found this new Nazca Grill restaurant, thank heaven!! This place is CLEAN, quick service, and the food was DELICIOUS. I came back the second day with a few more people. The owner, Wilson, is very pleasant and had things going quite quickly.
I saw some family having some type of "guiso", maybe it's an on demand dish. Lomo saltado, pollo a la brasa, tallarin saltado, papa a la huancaina, and ceviche were damn good. Aji Seco's food was never this good so I don't know what Fernando is referring to. This place actually has added a bit of class to this strip mall, and it does have yummy food! Too bad I don't live here. IMHO, the pollo a la brasa was just as good as Pardo's, I just came back from Lima and was disappointed with Pardo's chicken. They, NG, do need more aji selection though and the papa a la huancaina was a bit too small, but it's cheap! I live in Miami now, and I eat as much Peruvian food as I can, being Peruvian myself. I think this NG place's got something good going for it if they keep up the quality of service and food they currently have. Hope they do well.

"Aahh, barriga llena, corazón contento" ;-)



Hi Sergio - You really enjoyed the Cebiche that much? I thought it pretty weak. For me, the Pollo a la Brassa was not nearly as good as what I had in Lima. That's not to say it was bad, I did enjoy it, but have had much better.


Hey Kirk,

Nice blog you got going here! Well, I did enjoy it. Maybe they've improved it a bit, mine was spicy and had the right balance of 'sourness'. But I've gotta come clean with you, I'm not much of a ceviche buff as I am for other dishes, like saltado. Come to think of it, it had been roughly 5 months w/o eating ceviche until now! is that a sin for a Peruvian? ;-) The tiradito did not look like the picture you posted here, it was ok, not great, IMHO.
If you go to Lima, visit Las Brujas de Cachiche in Miraflores, I love the food there but it ain't cheap, buffet is $30.00 a pop!!! ouch!



Hi Sergio - Thanks for the kind words. We'll definitely give Nazca Grill another try in a bit. Thanks for the rec as well..... you know, we ate at Astrid y Gaston for about $30 pp!!!!

luis R

I'll check it out and give you me feed back I'm peruvian fron trujillo!!!luis R.

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