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Thursday, 27 August 2009



Looks like a great find! While the Vuelve a la Vida looks like it could use some fresh tomato, I like that it isn't over-"cocteled".

Looks like more of a ceviche style, which I definitely prefer. I generally find cocteles too cloyingly sweet.


This is royaljester from chowhound. You wrote the first review on Okan, just FYI I reviewed Oton:

Love your blog!


everything you had sounded and looked so good!


yet another slam dunk...


I'm here early in the morning reading this and eating my oatmeal for breakfast. Its so so so sad. Everything looks so good even the weird colored cocktail. I'm just imagining the seafood in place of my oatmeal right now, the horror!


Hi Mike - It kinda rode that line between ceviche (it would have been more like soup) and a coctele.

Hi RJ - Yes, I've read many of your posts! Thanks for the kind words, and I hope you have a great time in Japan!

Hi Kat - The seafood was good and fresh, and that Los Koras sauce was yummy.

Hi Chris - Nice place, you should check them out.

Hi Billy - This'll beat oatmeal any day of the week!


Sign, same boat as Billy, stirring my oatmeal, wishing it was coctele or a fried marlin taco.


My morning yogurt is a poor substitute for the coctele, too. I may have to have one for lunch since it's so hot and there are a couple of places nearby that mmm-yoso has blogged about.


That big entree looks amazing!

"Prop" cars, that's great.

ed (from Yuma)

Sounds like you found a real gem. I have seen folks put ketchup into coceteles, so that's why it was served. But purely optional.


Hi Carol - I hope you got something better for lunch!

Hi Sandy - I'd be ineterested to know what place you chose for lunch!

Hi Lynnea - The fish and the Los Loras sauce was really good.

Hi Ed - Have you had a coctele served without sand tomato product before? This was a first for me.


Hot damn! A deep fried marlin taco? I wonder if the lovely folks over at Mariscos German would make one if you ask them nicely...

Nice find as usual, Kirk.


hi kirk -
i liked how the red chip is sticking up on the beans, like a shark's fin.

fried tacos - good

ed (from Yuma)

We only have a few coceteles places in Yuma, but all I've tried have some tomato product in the liquid, even Mariscos Nayarita.


Hi Roger - Maybe they will...tough the tacos at MG are pretty well stuffed, so that mightr figure into things.

Hi CC - Greasy goodness!

Hi Ed - I thought that was a bit different.


Have you tried Playa Azul? I've been wanting to check it out and was hoping for a review from you guys. I love your blog, and use it far more than yelp.
La Playa Azul Mexican-
4575 Clairemont Dr, San Diego

Would love to hear about it if you check it out. It was reviewed in the San Diego Reader a few years back.


Hi CJE - You know, I haven't been there since Playa Azul took over that location.... I really should because it's pretty close to home! Thanks so much for the reminder, and thanks for reading!

Masa Assassin

Hi Kirk Im getting caught up on all your post and I really enjoyed this one. I cant remember what I had here its been some time but Ive been wanting to get back and destroy some Sarandeado but I might need more then a few heads with the sizes they offer :)


Hi MA - From the size of that fish, you'd need some pretty healthy eaters.

Masa Assassin

Hi Kirk sorry I noticed half my post was clipped off. To answer your question regarding the coctele...... The Vuelve a la Vidas I have had have been based with Ketchup, Chili, Lime and water. The one you guys had would be the same with ketchup and lime added. Im not sure about the citrus flavor. Just like anything Mexican, versions vary by region the ones I have had were made by folks from Veracruz, I believe the owners of Los Koros are from Nayarit.

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