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Thursday, 06 August 2009



that bulgogi looks goooood! my boyfriend's the same way (he hates onions, and will literally throw them onto my plate with his chopsticks).


ooh, those are two of my favorite cuisines... a dream come true! wish there was one in my neighborhood. Looks good and the prices seem reasonable (except for the fish in the tank). I want that chirashi with hot sauce for breakfast!


I saw the sign for that place the last time I was at China Max. Good to know that it's decent! I love Hwe Dup Bap!

Do they have (dolsot) bibimbap on the menu?


P.S. My husband hates onions too...


Hi Judy- it was very good, and quite a lot of food. {Don't ever expect your BF to change the way he feels about me on this one.}

Hello again, FH! Both meals were very good. I grabbed a pick up/to go lunch menu when we were leaving. Unsure about the whole fish pricing deal, just saw it on the dinner menu.

It is quite decent, Rosa. Did not see bi bim bap at dinner nor is it on the Lunch To Go Menu. {The next time your hubby gets a cold and you don't, tell him it is the 'onion factor'.} ;)


pssst I think that drink with pine nuts in it is dried out persimmon boiled in water to make a refreshing drink.Ahh -
I love the drink, which is served at ChoSan.


You guys are killing me with the photos of hwe dup bop and the chirashi from Sakura! Both look so refreshing in this heat.

I don't like eating big chunks of onions, so I pass them to my husband. But if the onions are thinly sliced and combined with the meat, I'll eat them.


I LOVE garlic and I LOVE onion. The photos look wonderful. I'll try them out as soon as possible. Maybe for dinner later today. It's great that you posted it here, I just went to the KBBQ next door and I didn't know about this. Thank you =)


I enjoy onions, myself.


It all looks so good. And look at the amount of meat in that dish! And we would be fighting over those onions!


Hello Cathy,

I just got back from Orchid. It is so yummy. We had bulgogi & octopus casserole and fish eggs w/ rice. It's enough for 4. We togo it for lunch tomorrow. Another new and good spot to eat. YAY!


Persimmon! That is the flavor. Thank you, Bill.

It has been *hot*, hasn't it, Sandy? I seem to get these cravings. Both of you eat perfect.

YY! So glad you tried it-and liked it-today. That mall is really getting good. The casseroles looked interesting. I want to try the lunch specials, and will...soon. Garlic is one of my cravings...

I love you, Ron.

The portions are quite large here, Carol. I am happy for the two of you-there are other things to argue about.


haven't had hwedupbap for a good while. i was just talking about nozomi's a while ago w/ a friend. guess i gota do some searching over here to find a good place for cheap filling bentos


Nozomi does have an excellent Hwe dup bop, Sawyer...pretty much across the street form Orchid. I am glad I can find the stuff I crave wherever I park on Convoy. There has to be someplace with cheap food near you....I just took the Azusa Pacific University exit and went North on Dec 31 and found a bunch of places...then stopped at a taco shop. (Do a Search for "Rose Parade" or float decorating or New Year and you'll see what I ate in your area...)

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