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Wednesday, 12 August 2009



wow....the food looks amazing. the pictures get better and better to the very end. forget flying next time I go up to sf...gonna have to make a little stop in paso robles!


I love driving up to SF taking the 101 its so scenic and a gastronomical treat if you're adventurous enough. The food and the places looks great. I wish I was there ;)


Yah, the 101 is SO much cooler than taking the 5.

Man, the gnocci and meatballs look wonderful. And the pea shoots on your veal look really pretty with all the little curlycues.


Wow, everything looks sooo good! I may need to take a road trip...


Wow. After something like that burrata and prosciutto, I could probably die happy.


dang, course after course looked amazing! gorgeous photos too.


holy moley... *droooooooool*

ed (from yuma)

Thanks everyone, sawyer, billy, Jan, kirbie, Tracey, fh, and Judy, for the nice comments. The food was pretty impressive. And the lighting in the place was good for the photos.

Paso Robles is a great place to stop. Nice wines and wineries, affordable lodgings, and many good eateries. You can easily get to Paso on 46 from the 5. Of course, it is over an hour away from that freeway, but worth the drive.


Looks like another fantastic meal you two had. Everything looks so good but I especially want to try the gnocchi based on your description. It's so hard to find a place that knows how to make a good gnocchi, let alone one that makes them light as a cloud! If we ever do make that long leisurely road trip we've been wanting to do, Paso Robles will be on the list.

As always, thanks for the wine recommendation. I'm going to try to find it locally, hopefully.

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks Carol - we did enjoy. If one wants a leisurely trip, one could stop somewhere around Arroyo Grande or Buellton before Paso.

I've never had any wine from one of the Dusi vineyards (Benito's or Dante's) that wasn't very good. I had no knowledge of J Dusi before that bottle.

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