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Tuesday, 25 August 2009



that's pretty interesting that he has such a wide variety in his cooking skills. that ribeye torta looks amazing too. another place for me to try in yuma someday...


Everything looks amazing, that torta really is the size of someone's head.


Sounds like a gem you found in the rough. It's awesome to find a place that truly experiment on its patrons, even I wouldn't mind signing for such gastronomical encounter from out of this world. It's rare to find such a place but lucky you.


I almost wanted to cry when I saw Tomasita's Enchiladas! Not that I have had enchiladas con verdolagas before, but that her sauce is just like what I used to get down here in my neck of the woods in the SD South Bay back in the day.

The dimension of frijoles in the chili gravy adds such a richness to enchilada sauce, there's nothing else like it! I would definitely like these with verdolagas.

If ever I get to Yuma, I would love to have lunch here with Danny. He cooks in the old fashioned southwestern ways I grew up on!

ed (from yuma)

Yeh, sawyer, he can really cook. He has a goal of opening a fancy restaurant someday. And yeh, Lynnea the tortas are pretty amazing - not the biggest in town, but sometimes the most interesting. I wish the ribeye torta was always available.

What amazes me is how experimental Danny is. As you said, billy, meals there are sometimes gastronomical encounters.

MrM, I especially appreciate your comment. I think that Danny is truly interested in the good things from his childhood. He cooks what he wants, not what he thinks will be most popular. If you come over here to try the food, I would suggest calling first to be sure Danny will be around and that sauce available. I'd never had a sauce like that before eating it at Viejo Loco.


What a GREAT post! How cool is it to have found a restauranteur that specializes in food that is very common in the area, and is all about perfecting the recipes and getting adventurous to boot. MAN those rellenos look good!

PS, Thought of your recent post when we travelled through Paso Robles last weekend on our way to Santa Cruz. It was 107, we had doggies and a we ate PB&J instead of stopping. Drats!


wow, every dish looks so well made! it's rare to find a restaurant with such a range of delicious food, lucky too that he keeps opening after closing a spot.


What a great post, Ed. A great read and the good food...oh, my. All the spinach in the enchiladas just made me want to drive out there and ordered them. It sounds like Danny really put some care into his cooking. Thanks, Ed.


I check this site almost everyday, mostly waiting for a new Yuma post, although I've only commented once to ask about the asian market in the foothills, which I visit frequently now(thanks for directions!). We've been here for almost 2 years (military) but it can be hard to find really good "home-made" food here. I'll be checking out El Viejo Loco soon. Anyways, keep up the good work for us in Yuma.

ed (from Yuma)

thanks Jan. One problem putting this post together was that I ate my way through his basic window back in the days before I had a camera or Kirk had a blog. So I mostly eat the special stuff now.

Yeah, fh, he does do a nice range of dishes, but I never know for sure what off menu stuff will be available.

Thanks, Didi, I love the spinach enchiladas. They often have them even when Danny is at the T&A Cafe.

Thanks paige. Sometimes I worry that I do too much Yuma stuff, so it's nice to know there is an audience. I should note that Viejo Loco is closed on Sundays.

We're going there tomorrow, I'm so excited, expecially after reading you post!
It's great to be able to log on and read your posts on so many Yuma restaurants. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for posting this. I drove from San Diego to Phoenix earlier this week and made a point to stop here because of your review. It was well worth the detour.

I had the Chile Verde and it was fantastic. A great blend of flavors and unique style. I look forward to heading back to San Diego with a stop here to try another dish...although I could go for the chile verde again!!!

ed (from Yuma)

Hope you enjoyed Audrey - and glad you liked Mark. I'm a green chile lover, and Danny's is super good.

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