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Sunday, 30 August 2009



Hi Cathy! Wow sweet azuki beans in a crepe.. "Crepe World" is right! :) Too bad I don't have a sweet tooth.. did you notice any savory type fillings offered? Cheers


Come to my side of town if you think that's not hot enough ;-) It's only in the triple digits with about 60% plus humidity here. The food doesn't look too appetizing.


I've been wondering about that place and I'm glad to see it looks good. I never enter that Parking lot from Hell. It really is the worst.


I edited the post, Dennis- Takoyaki and about 8 'sandwich' crepes-meat,lettuce, tomato, sauce... I will try one in the future. I don't have much of a sweet tooth either and hardly ever have dessert.
60% humidity?!?!!! Oh Bill, OK, not complaining. Sorry about the photos. Food was OK and I did not have to cook at home. Crepes were fresh made and different for us.
Hi Lynnea. You'll like it. Park and walk.


There is some sort of affiliation with Yogurt World and Crepe World. Shortly before CW opened, YW had flyers for CW's grand opening. I've been curious about CW, too, Totally agree on the parking lot from hell; it's better to find street parking and walk.


It sure is nice not to have to prep, cook, and wash I know what you mean.


It's been a very long time since I've been to Chopstix. Yum, crepes! I could go for some crepes with strawberries and cream right now.


Ah, it is then Sandy...I suppose the "World" part is a clue. Stopin; you'll like it.
Right, Bill. I just don't want to cook unless everything is clean first...which means I need to clean up when I am done and lately I just don't feel like anything.
They have crepes with fruit and ice cream, Carol... :)

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Crepe World looks like a fun place to eat! The red beans I have never seen before on a crepe. I think you may be able to fix the photo problem by resizing the photo and making it smaller by adjusting the html coding if that works on Typepad (no prior experience).


i could go for some miso ramen right chopstix ur favorite place? i liked tajima's miso


It is very nice and a bit different kind of dessert, ETE. I do like red beans as a sweet, when I have those rare cravings. I'll try playing with the html stuff for another post. Thanks.

Hi Sawyer-We seem to go to Chopstix more than Tajima when I want miso ramen, but I can't say either is a favorite; each is different and the other menu choices in each sometimes determine why we are eating (tempura at Chopstix)...Chopstix Too has a butter miso ramen that I sometimes crave...

Judy @ TinkerWithFood

I'm such a sucker for noodle soups... *drooooool* Those crepes look darn good too! RED BEAN!!!


It was a very nice meal for us, Judy. Despite the heat...

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