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Monday, 24 August 2009



You always take just fine pictures. It's a great, all encompassing angle for food dishes =)


hi kirk
the nahm tok is pretty good here! i learned my lesson - going there on a monday...only to be crushed when i saw the 'closed' sign.


Hi Kirk, I love your photos don't change a thing! Unless you want to of course.. :) I gotta finally try this place!


I wonder why more places don't offer catfish laab? The best kind IMHO


damn i'm hungry for some thai now...i gotta get down to sd asap. been wanting that koi soi again hehe. loved their salted fish fried rice too. any recs around the la area?


I notice I eat more curries and kim chee when it is humid and hot here too. I like your photos, I think it captures the deliciousness of the foods!

ed (from Yuma)

Good pics - but made me hungry. I noticed the camera angles thing on my Artisan post. All of Tina's dishes were shot from a side angle and all mine from above because I take pics before we eat and trade plates etc. But I never thought about camera angles in YOUR posts before.


Hi Lynnea - Thanks, you're always so sweet!

Hi CC - Try and do a beef salad comparison next time.... the differences will be quite obvious!

Hi Dennis - I'm surprised you haven't tried Sab E Lee yet!

Hi Chris - Good question.... I dunno.

Hi Sawyer - A couple of places in Thai Town, and Renu Nakorn makes, or at least used to make really good Issan:

Renu Nakorn Restaurant
13019 Rosecrans Ave
Norwalk, CA 90650

Hi Kat - Thanks, funny about the spices and heat.....

Hi Ed - Funny how we all approach our shots, after doing this for so long, we naturally go with a certain angle.


How fortuitous for me! It's the Mister's birthday and he said he wants Sab-e-Lee. He also said he wants a dish he hasn't tried before so here I am, scouring the posts for a dish recommendation.


I love those little Thai eggplants. Indonesians eat 'em just dipped in sambal. I've never seen them used in anything outside that application...until now.

I neeeeeed to visit this place next SD trip, which is overdue.

Judy @ TinkerWithFood

I still need to visit this place. Especially since I'm moving back up to the bay area soon :(... That chicken with spicy mint leaves looks moutwateringly yummmmmy

Aubree Miller

Hey Kirk,
Its Aubree from Sammy's! I found an amazing little place for you to try out. Its called Alchemy at 30th and Beech in South Park. Not a sushi place but its such amazing food I think you'd enjoy it. I'm actually applying there which is what made me try it out.


Salivating...I can eat Koi Soi three times a day. Have you tried to Tom Yum Soup and the Spicy Mint Fried Rice? oooh man, they're so goooood.


Hi Carol - Well, a hearty Happy B-Day to the Mister!

Hey Elmo - In Thailand we had those eggplants in a number of salads and "dips", in Laos the same, and also as crudite. If you're coming my way, make sure to drop me a line!

Hi Judy - Moving to NoCal! How exciting. I can't believe you haven't tried out Sab E Lee yet.

Hi Aubree - It's so nice to hear from you.... it was also nice running into you the other day. I've tried Alchemy, and enjoyed the food - I hope things work out for you there!

Hey Tammy - Yes, I've had both. The Tom Yum is decent, but the Fried Rice with Spicy Mint leaves is delicious!


I ended up ordering the Catfish Larb and it must have been a good day because it was really good! As a matter of fact, every dish we ordered was spot on. The Mister said it was because they knew it was his b-day, hehe. And he thanks you for the b-day wish! :)


Hi Carol - I think the Mister was right!


I love the naked shrimp at Sab-E-Lee so much, i end up ordering it everytime i go. And the Northeastern sausage is delicious. There seems to be nothing terrible coming out of the kitchen at Koby's place. I'm just glad the patrons seem to be growing which means less space but no worries about it closing down which i was really thinking about for a while. Thanks, Kirk.


Hi Didi - Have you ever tried Aguachile at various Mariscos places? If you enjoy the naked shrimp at Sab E Lee, you might enjoy that dish.

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