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Saturday, 08 August 2009



I feel you regarding the Durian. I can't stand it but my wife buys it and makes me split the horrid fruit to extract the pungent seeds from the crippling spikes and one slip from grasping the fruit wrong and your hands will be scared and your nose tortured.


those sausages did look spookily white.


that monk sign is hi-laaarious. i love how one of the talking point bullets is "Anything". and it's free!

Little Miss Contrary

The sausage is called "Sai-Krok E-Saan," which means sausage of the northeastern region. The sourness is from the fermented rice. They have an amazing version of this sausage at Sab-E-Lee--probably better than the one you had in Thailand!


hi kirk
another great post with great pictures...i always get hungry after reading your travel posts!


Hi Billy - Actually, I like Durian, but not as much as the Missus!

Hi Kat - Yes, they do, don't they?

Hi Santos -'s FREE! Monk Chat...who'd have thunk???

Hi LMCC - You know, the sausages in Chiang Mai were different from the versions in Issan and Bangkok. I started calling them Lanna style. More rice, less sour.

Hi CC - Thanks, some of these posts take a bit more time, so I'm glad you enjoy them.


Durian rice sounds amazing. I know my mom and dad would love it. Do you know if any places in San Diego offer it?


Hi Linda - Never saw the stuff in San Diego, though you may want to check some of those Vietnamese "Che" places. I've seen similar stuff in Orange County, specifically Little Saigon which is a bit different from this:

I'll ask around a bit, and see what I can come up with.

Masa Assassin

Love the Thai post kirk a streetfood junkies dream :) Its my dream to go to Thailand someday. Durian is one of the few things I would pass on.


Hi MA - Have you tried Durian? The fresh stuff tastes better than the frozen one' can get fresh durian in San Diego nowadays as well.


Also you must get a really great (and cheap!) falafel near at Cafe Tropico near Julies guesthouse in Chiang Mai. They also have frozen smoothies made without ice.


Hi JC - Thanks for the rec, but the last thing on my mind in Thailand would be falafel.

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