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Thursday, 09 July 2009



Thanks for the mention Kirk! I cracked up after clicking on the Teddy Tanaka link.. :)


hi kirk - i saw dennis's post a while back too. i've always wanted to eat at that place in linda vista (was just there today for sab e lee). you can't miss that big sign - FILIPINO LUMPIA...
btw, Filipinos can look like anyone! i'm not surprised that the guy was asking!


lol! Teddy Tanaka, wow, that's a flashback!

I'll have to swing by next time I'm in the area.


Hi Dennis - There is a resemblance, isn't there?

Hi CC - My statement was based more on the way he says that, rather than what Filipino's looks like. Coming from Hawaii I understand that.......

Hi Carol - After you drop by, let me know what you think.


hi kirk - i know, i know : ) - the dude was probably happy that anyone knew what filipino food was since our cuisine doesn't seem to get much respect.


this is PERFECT for me today!!! I can't handle the Sab-E-Lee spice level tonight (and what's the point of going there if I can't indulge?)and we need a place to eat close to our hotel. Thank you so much, Kirk! BBL to share my thoughts, after dinner...


aggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! They were closed, there was a sign on the door that due to equipment problems, they'll be closed until 7/14.


We wound up at Pampas Argentine Grill, which definitely a mixed-bag dining experience.


Hi CC - Filipino cuisine gets lots of respect in our household and office, and should get the same respect as any other cuisine! You gotta hear Rocky say, "are you Filipino???" There's such joy in it.....

Hey Micaela - Closed until 07/14?? I just drove by a coupla days ago! Actually, in reading your first comment I was more worried that they'd be closed, they close kinda early. You should have just hit Pho Hoa Hiep.....


whoa teddy tanaka...that brings back some images..."are you filipino?"


Hi Kat - Funny, yeah??? I don't know why, but in my mind I suddenly saw Teddy Tanaka...... might be an indication of some serious issues! ;o)


hey Kirk, I was really needing some comfort food last night, which for me is PuertoRican, Cuban, Dominican, or Argentinian (in that order). Having been thwarted from the Cuban -- that chicken fricasee would've totally hit the spot -- and as we were starving, we settled on the nearby Pampas. The food was expertly prepared, but the prices were pretty unreasonable and the service pretty much sucked (which made the prices even more offensive).

Masa Assassin

Interesting combo Kirk. I love chicken fricasee glad to know this place serves it


Hi Micaela - I've eaten at Pampas as few times, but have never been impressed.

Hi MA - They prepare it very homestyle, it was much milder in flavor than other versions I've had.


what an interesting find! I love restaurants with character.


Hi Sandy - Yes, quite the combination.....


Lumpia's are so freakin' good! Piping hot out of the fryer!


Hi Melissa - I couldn't possibly agree with you more!!!

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