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Thursday, 30 July 2009



That's funny. When I came to San Diego 10 years ago, we used to Frequent a Pho joint in the same mall as Silver Ark. It was next door to an animal hospital, which incidentally, caused a bit of consternation. :)


Oh goodie! This is one of my Go-To places while at work away from my home in South Bay (my daily commute is so much fun).

Even though Tita's is within easy reach for me while in South Bay, I tend to save up and come here when i need my Filipino Fix. This and Amerasian in Poway are tasty and I don't have the parking troubles or 'tude problems I get at Titas. Both places have the nicest folks running things!

I like their Talapia and Sisig here. They also do good Lechon Kawali (if its early and not been sitting too long) I tend to brighten the Sisig with some kalamansi juice that you can ask for. It brings up the flavors well.

I am working up to trying their seafood 'Kare Kare' and their Adobo Pusit because they look very tasty!


too funny about that sign!


Hooray, another place close to me to try!


hi kirk - i've heard of amerasian but not betchay's. i'm hardly ever up there but my bro works there so i'll have to ask him to check this place out (as well as your post). the service sounds pretty good there, unlike at some places...!


All the meat in Tx and there ain't a place that servers up roasted pig with crunchy skin. :-(
Geesh right next to the pet store.


Hi Jan - he-he-he.... I thought the signage combined with the Pet Shop storefront was a bit strange.

Hi MrM - I heard the pusit is quite good at Betchay's. The young man who works there is really nice.

Hi Kat - The placement of that sign is odd, isn't it?

Hi Carol - I can't bellieve you haven't checked this place out yet.

Hi CC - I've always gotten really nice service here.

Hi Billy - There's got to be a coupla these places around in Tx.....

Judy Lee

They have good LECHON!!!! *drooooool*


Hi Judy - I'll have to check it ot next time.

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