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Wednesday, 15 July 2009



sounded like you got a great tip :)


Sounds like an awesome place but I would be wary of soy product. Even though I love soy product.


oh, that looks fun. thanks for the recommendation.


Hi Kat - I love recommendations!!!

Hi Billy - I think awesome is perhaps too strong a word. We'll see in a fre months.

Hi Lynnea - Give it a shot. It's different....hopefully this is just a starting point, and the preperation of the food will get better.

Judy Lee

OooOOOOoh! Dessert looks YUMMY!

BTW, I've started a food blog... DUN DUN DUNNNN!

Who knew... :) Enjoy!


Looks like a nice place to try something new for us. That dessert looks yummy!


That salad sounds very interesting, I'm kind of not seeing the Japanese elements much, but everything looks beautiful and the menu sounds promising.


Hi Judy - I think it tasted better because it was free! ;o)

Hi Carol - Yes, kinda hit and miss, but interesting.

Hi FH - We were laughing, because we felt this was closer to Chinese than Vietnamese or Japanese. They do have stuff like Pho, Hu Tieu, Oden, and the like on the menu. But after trying those out at Dao Son, I've learned to stay away from them.

Bbq Dude

Certainly nothing wrong with Dude. ;)

Alisha Robles

Thanks for the review. After we read your review, my family and I went to eat at Tao on Adams Ave. It was unbelievable!! I went there with my mother, sister and my 2 kids. We absolutely love the food!!! I love the handmade tofu it was out of this world. It was full of flavors. Perfect for my mom who is a picky vegetarian. My kids ordered the odon soups and it tastes better than the expensive 5 stars hotel (Grand Hyatt)odon which costs more than $18 per bowl. The service is very good. Our glasses are always full of water.

For the price, service, and quality of food, I don't think you can get that from anywhere in San Diego. A must try!


Hi Alsiha - I'm glad you enjoyed your meal at Tao. I'm our minds they have a ways to go yet, but I'm happy that you found some dishes that you and your family enjoy.


Just catching up on my yoso readin. For some reason bloglines hasn't been updated with your feed since sometime in july...

So this place replaced the short-lived panda place? I drive past here every day, twice a day, and haven't noticed. Will have to check it out.


Hi Dave - I think you're right.

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