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Sunday, 26 July 2009


Eat. Travel. Eat!

After years after eating at the thai restaurant next door, I have still never eaten at this restaurant! Now I need to. The dishes look tasty, especially with the fish that is only 8.99. 8.99 seems to be the new number for good deals these days. Full House in my area now has a whole entire menu devoted to selling entrees for 8.99, but instead of fish there are dishes like lobster yee mein.

Mr Zhang

Tilapia and most river fish should be grilled or fried or stir fried. The river flavour is not a pure taste.

Only sea fish are best steamed such as Guangdong style. The flavour is enhanced.



Hi ETE - Yes, it was pretty good.

Hi MrZ - I think it's kind of sad when folks make such definitive statements. Some of the best fish I've had in my life was steamed fresh water fish from Tonle Sap Lake. If I had approached it with such ideas calcified in my mind, I would have missed out on an unforgettable dish.


I haven't had much Hunan food, the dishes have such vibrant sounding ingredients... big spicy scares me tho!


Hi FH - I once took my FIL to Henry's Hunan, and he declared it the worst Hunan food he's ever tasted!!! This big spicy, wasn't too spicy.....

Judy Lee

I WANT THAT FISH............... NOW!


I enjoyed reading about these customers, I remember you posted about a man who wanted something super spicy then couldn't eat it (or something like that)


Hi Judy - The Missus really enjoyed that fish......

Hi Kat - I gotta say, sometimes it's more fun watching the customers.

Andy (美國土子)

During the olympics while at the bar in the Hilton, I almost walked into this place but some ppl in the party were opposed to spicy.

Just today, I planning a Canto language event in either (a) Mr Chen Taiwanese (b) Xiang Wei Lou.

After your review I'm convinced. Xiang Wei Lou it is.


Hi Andy - To me XWL is not as spicy (it is relative of course)as other Hunan places. It is also a bit cleaner, and even got an 'A' rating to boot. The menu is pretty big. I hope you enjoy XWL! Let me know how it turns out.

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