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Wednesday, 29 July 2009



Ok, ok. I'm going to Sakura asap! I've seen enough of their good food from you :)


LOL Sharon! If you think I've posted a lot on Sakura check out Dennis's posts!

Faine G

Good god, you're making me lust after monkfish liver more then I thought possible. Your sushi photos are always such a delight. :)


Hi Kirk, thanks for the mention! I'm still mainly a lunch person there and it's great to see more of their dinner offerings, thanks for sharing (once again). :) I was led to Sakura many years ago by my Japanese coworkers and it was the start of my food photo documenting hobby (not knowing at the time I would end up with my current blog). In fact after googling to learn more, I think it's how I found out about food blogs! Mmm-yoso, Clayfu, Alice Q.. Following the place has been an interesting project for me and I think I've learned a lot about food and business and everything in between. It's a very organic process and the interest to follow it like maybe someone following their favorite sports team? Ups and maybe a few small downs but always a fan. I also wanted to squeeze in a stamp collecting analogy somewhere but this comment is becoming way too long.. ;) But wanted say I'm glad to have started this and happy to be a small contributor to food blogging in SD. Cheers


Hi Faine - Thanks! Are you back in the states yet? I've been enjoying your posts in Europe.

Hi Dennis - You know, sometimes I'm really glad that you didn't do like a line by line Phuong Trang menu item project.......


mmmm, that tonkatsu has me considering whether or not to make the 20 minute walk to muracci's for lunch today... that only leaves 5 min to eat after waiting in line and walking to and fro. I can't get enough of the Sakura posts either - that yamakake is now another craving. that's why I keep coming back



Your Misses eats Zaru Soba like I do.

I'm not happy unless my nose is running after eating it.


thanks for the mention Kirk :) I'm glad you got to have some katsu.

ed (from yuma)

Love the post - especially the reminder of some of my favs from Sakura, particularly the chirashi and zaru soba, though I like the zaru soba with tempura. They also do a cold noodle dish with tempura in broth that is good.

Also thanks for the reminder about Dennis's blog. Reading his posts makes me want to spend a few days just sitting in Sakura trying everything.


Now I wish I had checked Kat's blog before I went to Hawaii. That tonkatsu place sounds pretty good.

I was just at Mitsuwa the other day, and now I'll have to go back to try Kabaya. And I really need to go to Sakura soon; even though it's cooled off here, the chirashi looks so refresing.

Mr Zhang

Is there large version of chirashi because looks so sumptuous the large slabs of fresh fish I can eat two.

I don't know why Japanese just dip fish not rice in soy cuz I eat it that way has not much flavor but I just pour a plate of mixed soy wasabi over the entire bowl mmmm

Girl With Curious Hair

Well, great. Just as I'm craving sushi and wondering where we'll go for Friday Office Lunch, you post this--which is conveniently close to said office.


Hi FH - I hope you take care of those cravings!

Hi MrM - Glutton for punishment, are you? ;o)

Hi Kat - I just needed to get some tonkatsu.

Hi Ed - Dennis has taken his obsession with Sakura to levels unheard of!

Hi Sandy - You would pay $36 for Tonkatsu??? You know.... I probably would too!

Hi MrZ - LOL! That would be quite a bit of fish! You may enjoy the Korean version of Chirashi called Hwe Dup Bop, though it doesn't have as much fish, it usually comes in a rather large bowl, along with a ton of greens. I think you'd enjoy the bottle of Cho-Kochujang that's provided.....a sauce made of Kochujanq-Rice Vinegar-Sugar.

Hi GWCH - I'm kinda glad I don't work in walking distance of Sakura..... I'd be there almost everyday.

Judy Lee

I need to stop reading your blog at work... that chirashi is making me want to go to lunch :(

N Buckles

I am ready to jump on a plane and fly to San Diego just to eat at Sakura.

Christopher Solomon

Love the posts (and blog) Kirk. I've had some of the best food of my life in San Diego (been living here for 2 years) because of your blog. :)

Just visited Sakura last night for the first time with my girlfriend. We both loved it. Had the uni pasta, hiyashi chuka (I think), maguro yamakake, and the pickled vegetables. It was all great. What are some other not-to-miss dishes you'd recommend?

And how do you eat the Shishamo? bones, head and all? And we thought about the monkfish liver, but you'd recommend waiting until the winter maybe?

Last question: if we liked Sakura, would Okan be a good new place for us to try?


Hi Judy - Yes, that chirashi is good stuff.

Hi N Buckles - LOL!

Hi Christopher - You eat the shishamo whole, head, tail, etc, etc, etc.... I like the Buta Kakuni, sishito tempura, karei karaage, even the shiokara. I've had much better ankimo at Sakura before, so you may want to wait. I think Okan is well worth a try, especially if you're not familiar with many of the nimono dishes.


Hey Kirk,

wow. sounds so appetizing. I still haven't gone yet and just watching your reviews. Seems to be just the right place for a bunch of people but not solo.


Hi Didi - I think you'd do ok solo at Sakura. Many of portions are fairly small, so you wouldn't want a big group of folks.


Woooooooo! Depeche Mode cancelled. Guess what our consolation prize is? Wooooooo! :)

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