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Monday, 13 July 2009



Hey Cathy - This area sure has come alive over the last year!


Sounds like a decent no frill and thrill place for decent Vietnamese food if only there is one that is decent here.


I just got back from Pho Superbowl. I just love it. It is the only Vietnamese restaurant I have ever been to, and I am wondering- is it a good representation of traditional food? I will have to try this place too. Is it near Yum Cha?


Oh duh, just saw that its in the same parking lot, hahaha.


hi cathy
so, why do you think the woman said, 'you no want that'? did she steer you away to something more "safe"?

there's also a pho hiep down south in chula vista...same owners.


lol i've been to that taco shop b4. i'll have to try this pho place next time i'm down...i love sawtooth and only other place i've seen give it is lucky. i'm going to have a try a lemonade at a viet place next time too...looks good. is this your favorite pho place?


I could easily survive if I were stuck on that corner, Kirk.

There's the super fast order one- Pho Hoa Huong- which Kirk blogged about, Bill. The Mister and I always joke about how we have to know what we want before we walk in.

Pho Superbowl is very good, Hannah. It is a "nicer" atmosphere and the food is good and close to authentic, but not as deep or varied in flavors as at the places in this neighborhood. Since you have experienced the sticky tables at Yum Cha, then Hiep or Hoa Huong wouldn't scare you away. Yes, it's on the other side of the Rite Aid store...

We were initially ordering something that came with blood and tripe and ended up with chicken soup and a rice dish, CC. Still, we persisted and really enjoy the variety of food offered at pho joints. I see Kirk blogged about the Chula Vista location and am glad to see pho places open in that Telegraph canyon area. Prices are different at that location.

I have had to ask for sawtooth at some places, Sawyer. They do have it but don't automatically give it. This is my second favorite pho place. Lucky is the best, to me. I always get hot tea, but have been trying the beverage menus a lot lately- kind of a dessert for me...:D


Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio is also my go-to during hot weather! The lemonade looks so good.


you don't review, you merely describe? sometimes without a thesaurus? what the hell does that mean? sounds bitchy to me.


Reviewers are paid to write up an article, or get their meals for free, SDFoody. None of us who write here have done that. We eat, pay and then write about it. We blog.

( mmm-yoso is an online diary; nothing more.


Hi SDFoody - It means that we just merely describe what we enjoyed or didn't enjoy about our meals. In our lexicon, we really don't do "reviews" how is that "b*****"? One more request.....I usually delete comments using profanity, so please, can you choose your words a bit better in the future? Thanks!

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