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Monday, 06 July 2009



I've tried the Banh Khot a while back. It was still uncooked from the inside. I don't remember much from their Bun Rieu either. Banh Khot suppose to be their signature dish, but I don't know what happen there.


What a bummer - maybe the place should cut its menu in half and truly focus in on there finer points. The banh khot - I was like what the F - it looked like little fried doughnut gone wrong. Even I can make it better, I think ;-)


Neat, I want to go there just to hear the big ben chime.. Kirk, I forgot what you recommended me getting at Nhu Y.. This place seems close by. Cheers


too bad the items you tried were disappointing.


Hi YY - I know you mentioned the Banh Khot to me, but this was not very good. So I'm not sure if it was the wrong day, the wrong cook, or something.....

Hi Billy - LOL! Fried donut gone wrong..... ;o)

Hi Dennis - Nhu Y - Bun Mam.

Hi Kat - Yes, we were disappointed.....we had high hopes.


Banh Khot used to be good, then it slowly decreasing value. Not sure why cause I haven't been back for so long.


Aw, another bummer. With so many things on the menu, there's got to be one good item, maybe...


Hi YY - That's kind of sad.....

Hi Carol - Hopefully, someone will let me know what to order here.


I had a very fine Banh Khot last weekend at Marnee Thai. It was a daily special they don't always make... anyways you are so dedicated to still be willing to give OYea! another chance.


Hi FH - Was it Kanom Krok or Banh Khot....there's a difference between the two. KK is sweeter, while BK more savory.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

That is kind of sad that the food didn't come out as good as you wished it to be. In the photos all the items look fairly delicious! But I agree the pork is dry. It doesn't have any juicy look to it on the outside :).


Hi ETE - Yes, it was disappointing, especially the Banh Khot which is what they are supposed to be known for.


Hi, I'm sad to say that I went to try O'Yea the other day and they changed management so they have nothing on the menu anymore. Half of the items were crossed out on the menu. =[

Since they gave us the menu I assumed that they had everything on the menu but once we ordered, they did not have anything. We ordered some banh khot to start off with but the waiter told us they will not be serving it anymore due to the new management. I then ordered a bun bo hue and was told they will not be serving that anymore also.

I was pretty disappointed because those were the only reasons why I went there. I cannot find a single place in SD that serves Banh Khot, so when I heard that O'Yea had them, I rushed there to get some. But sadly, they wont have banh khot anymore.

So I finally settled with the seafood hu tieu. I was then told that they only had shrimp left so it will not come with any other seafood. My friend ordered the grilled pork chop rice dish and when it came out, it did not look anything like the picture. The amount of meat that was given was very disappointing! There was barely any meat on top of the rice, and instead of the grilled porkchop, it was just sliced pieces of pork.

As you can tell, I was not going to enjoy my meal anymore.

Not to mention, I found a fly in there sate/hot chili oil sauce on the table. =[

O'Yea won't be seeing me again.


Hi Maria - You know....I could kinda tell that this place was on a decline the last time I visited.... lost potential is a sad thing.

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