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Wednesday, 22 July 2009



Wow, you went all the way up to RB for NRM! As far as ABCDE goes, it is one of the better places in the RB/Poway/Scripps area (unfortunately). If I had the choice between Hunan and Chin's (about 2 miles from Hunan), it would be Hunan. But then, RB is the land of the newly wed or nearly dead.

I don't think their noodle dishes are much to speak of. I've tried a pan fried noodle and soup noodle before and didn't enjoy either very much. I haven't tried any other noodle dishes since.

The mu shu pork here is okay. The Mister likes the Kung Pao Chicken, which is not too bad (but then I don't like KPC). The Hot and Sour Soup is hit or miss. The Peking Pork is actually decent, usually. Yup, ABCDE all the way. But they are pretty nice as far as service, even though we get things to go. And they've never screwed up an order yet.

Next time you have the urge to come up to my neck of the woods for NRM, better off just coming to my place for dinner instead. It won't be NRM but at least you won't be seeing green. lol!


This is a place we used to go to where our co-worker would order from the "secret menu". I remember being shocked when he offered to take us there since he was all about really good Chinese food. The secret menu items are "way" better than the items listed in English. However, I haven't been in 7-8 years, so it could have gone downhill.



I love your 'stepping into an alien green world' comment. Its similar to how I felt when I went to Hunan. I kind of looked around and thought 'What the H!'.

I'd heard the soup was good there (particularly the Niu Rou Mein), but I wanted to see just how 'Hunan' this place was before coming again to have soup so I ordered their 'Hunan' Beef.

My spice tolerance is fairly high as I live south of I-8, but I was expecting them to Gringo it down for me since I am white as a sheet. Even so, I've been to other places where they Gringo it down, but still leave a bit of a kick. Not this place! Unfortunately, what I got was not what I was expecting. I got a plate of fairly greasy beef chop suey...not the spicy fried beef strips with scallions, garlic, and chilies I was expecting. No chili oil either! Very blah and flavorless.

I ate, left, and had a great deal of fun trying to back out and leave the place with the never ending Jack In The Box Drive-Through crowd behind me blocking my way out.

Needless to say, I've not been back. So far, the best Chinese I've managed to come by in the RB, Carmel Ranch, Poway triad is a little place on Camino Del Norte and Pomerado Rd. called Chopsticks (but of course). Its basically another ABCDE, but if you get her 'house special' of the day, you might get something with quite a kick. She's obviously from Hunan or Szechuan Province. Her house specials are invariably a chili oil stir fry affair. Basically Kung Pao Something with variations. She even asks what level of spicy you want, no matter how Asian or not you look. She also calls you 'Her Friend' as her greeting to you upon entering. No Ba Ren, of course, but as good as I can find up here in the RB Burbs.

Also, next door is this place: A Turo Turo joint in Poway! Not too bad either!


Hi Carol - I might just take you up on that.

Hi Jan - More than a few years back, one of the ex-managers of Spicy City (not the nasty one), quit and took over Hunan. I heard that the food was pretty good during that period. I think they've changed ownership since then though.

Hi MrM - This place is Hunan in name only. I think I might give Chopsticks a try. It might be interesting. Thanks for the recs!!!


I'd be afraid to introduce you to any ABCDE in Tx. There is only a few and I don't even bother going and my Chinese wife feels the same way too. :-(


Ooo, Chopsticks in the Albertson's shopping mall...Uh, hmmm. We tried that place a couple of times a few years back when we were searching for somewhat decent Chinese food and it was not good. The Mister hated the KPC. But it's been years since we've tried last so maybe we'll stop by in the near future. (hmm, sounds like a post to me).

Let me know if you decide to try it Kirk. Maybe I'll meet up with you, hehe.


I've tried this place many years ago, but I can't remember anything about the experience. I think we chose Cantonese-style dishes, despite the name of the place.

I guess if you can speak or read Chinese, you can access the secret menu for better, tastier dishes.

Pearl would be the best Chinese restaurant in the North County inland area, but it's pricey. I usually just drive down to the Convoy Street area.

Green Turtle

I just ate there today and got the #9 on the noodles menu (mixed chow fun). Good amount of meat, shrimp, etc. The broth was a little bland so I did add some la jao (the red hot condiment on the table). I'm surprised to see your menu show 6.95, I could've sworn it was 6.50 when I looked at it today (went lunch time during the week, maybe you went on a weekend when the prices are higher?). It's a good size bowl with enough for leftovers to take home for those without voracious appetites.

Judy Lee

Okay... Maybe I missed it somewhere. What is ABCDE? "A Bland Chinese Dining Experience?"

Judy Lee

Ahhhh, nevermind. I found it!


Since I don't know the dish NRM, I had to look at your previous posts about it and while you have many posts about it, there are only a couple that you liked! Such dedication...


Hi Billy - LOL! I don't think I'm that bad!

Hi Carol - I'll let you know....

Hi Sandy - Since it's been a while, I'm wondering how the Dim Sum is now at Pearl?

Hi GT - I went during the week.....and did get charged $6.95. So I dunno......

Hi Judy - It's just a silly acronym I made up. I kinda like yours better!!! ;o)

Hi FH - When done well, it is a wonderful dish!

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