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Friday, 10 July 2009



hi kirk
i just saw this place yesterday after lunch at sab e lee! we must be shadowing each other or something. after lunch, my friend and i went to thuan phat and i saw the 'flavaful yogurt' sign and kind of made fun of it. yeah, 'ooh, flava flav'/ghetto yogurt!' i don't know if i'd try the durian flavor though...i couldn't even handle the durian popsicle from 99 ranch!


Hi CC - Cathy calls it "stalking"..... :o) Ghetto yogurt... LOL! The durian is kinda low on the flavor scale, the lychee or coconut is much better! Flava Flav....yogurt of love! he-he-he......


Hey Kirk! Is that Flava Flav a knock off of Yogurtland or something? I really thought you were at Yogurtland haha!

You are very daring for trying that durian flavor, I simply cannot stand the smell or taste of it...

Masa Assassin

Kirk ! Too funny! I'm not sure I would try durian flava yogurt. In Tijuana they have a famous Ice Cream place with 100s of exotic Ice Creams flavors. I dared my brother to try the tuna flavor and he got the dry heaves ha-ha.

Someone should make sea urchin flava :P

On I side note I just seen Flava Flav at Mccarren International yeah boooooooy!


I may have to figure out how to hit this place before we head home tonight... mmmmmmm, coconut!


Yum, I love lychees, especially frozen stuff. Coconut too.


coconut and lychee :)


This heat is killing me and I'm so in the mood for frozen yogurt! I'll pass on the durian but somehow puerh or oolong tea flavor sounds really nice right now. I wonder if they exist..


Hi Cliff - should see Yogurt Fusion...their logo and color scheme is almost exactly like Yogurtland. This Durian was really tame.

Hi MA - I'm looking forward to trying bacalao sorbet one of these days. I wasn't impressed with the Durian flavor, it was too much like coconut.

Hi Micaela - Hope you had a chance to check it out. It'll be a great way to beat the heat.

Hi Carol - After your next meal at Sab E Lee you should stop by.

Hi Kat - double ;)

Hi Dennis - I've had green tea fro-yo....and kinda hated it! ;o) Different strokes......


Oh boy, the one time i bought durian flavored popsicles I saved the rest of them for about two years before I threw the box out. My palate only tasted rotten onion from those. Durian Fro-yo might be a little more manageable, I'll have to try it.


Hi Lynnea - You'll be able to handle these.....the lychee, plain, and coconut are better choices


I can't say that I'm not disappointed that the durian yogurt didn't turn out like you expected, but I'm still glad the direction this is taking.


I love the name, Avian Fresh? Such exotic flavors too, I love the exciting direction away from strawberry and vanilla.


Hi Elmo - Yes, you're right, something other than the usual.....

Hi FH - Funny......of course then first thing I thought of is the Avian Flu....but you're always so nice and positive, something I admire.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

The continuous line of frozen yogurt machine makes the place look so gigantic! I like your pumping skills with the machines. Such nice peaks!

I agree, froyo gets so pricey even with the so called "low prices". Many places call 40 cents per ounce affordable, but most supermarket ice creams are only about 10 cents or less per ounce.


Fresh durian is in season. I had 2 the last 2 weeks. It is very good.


Hi ETE - It does get pretty expensive pretty quickly! Especially if you start piling on all those toppings.

Hi Beach - Funny you should mention that. We bought some fresh durian on our last trip up to the SGV. Not cheap at $5/lb, but pretty good in flavor.

Jeff c

Kirk, Love the sign - "Obey your Cravings". How appropriate. I remember having my first Durian smoothie. I could only get through 1/3 of the it and then my wife said I turned a shade of light green. It'll be a while before I try it again. I did get a chance to try mangosteens. Interesting fruit. Probably not all what it was hyped to be but still enjoyable. Did you know that if you eat durians (since they heat up your body) you need to cool it down with mangosteens ( which are supposed cooling to your body) at least that is what they say in chinese medicine.


Hi Jeffrey - I didn't know that! They have fresh mangosteens, though like you I think they're bit over-hyped, as well as fresh durian at the local markets. They are both expensive as heck - it would be a pretty pricey to do both!

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