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Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Judy Lee

I'm making halibut tomorrow!!! This great minds think alike thing is going a little too far.

Yummy looking post Ed :)!


Oh boy that was so fresh looking.


I think every now and then, meals like this are a must, pricey as they may be. It nourishes the soul, at least for me. I just wished I had even an inkling of how to pair wine with a meal.
Too bad the lobster ravioli lacked in taste. Looking forward to the rest of yoru adventure.

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks, Judy, it was yummy and, yes billy, very fresh. The fresh peas and beans were a nice touch.

Obviously, Carol, I agree that a meal like this once in a while is necessary. As far as pairing wines goes, I'm no expert, and I'll often ask waitstaff for help. For example, Tina and I had no idea what wine would go with her pasta dish from the description on the menu. But I almost never progress beyond "white or red."


wow those noodles looked fantastic! Looks like a nice spot, I always appreciate touches like getting your own carafe of water. It's the worst thing ever when you constantly have to flag someone down for more water.

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