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Tuesday, 14 July 2009



the missus is so smart to ask the guards where to check out :)


Hi! In the first photo of the steak, it looks like the sides are frijoles refritos and queso panela.

Is that correct?

If you can add anything to the salsa shown, I would appreciate it. What are the green bits? How would you compare it to the typical "pico de gallo " one finds local?

I have heard of blue cheese on steak, which kind of works- but the second steak seems to be overtaken by the cheese. Did it seem that way to you?

Thanks for the great posts. I wish I could taste for myself...


Hi Kat - When we aren't sure, or I haven't done research that has become our SOP.

Hi Chris - The cheese is basically what they call Queso Blanco. It is harder than versions we had in Guatemala. Unlike Queso Seco, it is not very salty, so it really didn't overpower the steak. The frijoles are standard thick style refried beans, much like Salvadoran frijoles. The green bits in the "salsa" are peppers, but surprisngly, it wasn't very spicy.


Get over to Tela and try some of the Garafuna food. The Sopa De Caracol is really good.


The photos are fantastic!! Making me hungry just looking at them!!


Hi TLB - Unfortunately, we only had a few days in Honduras.

Hi SDF - Thanks so much!


Hi, great photos! I see this was years ago, but couldn't help myself from commenting :) The queso fresco, black beans, and crema are most definitely supposed to be eaten with the fried plantains. I grew up eating that in my household (Guatemalan parents) but if you're not accustomed to that palate you might find it strange, as I get the impression you did.

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