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Friday, 03 July 2009



Wow this is amazing, I had dry salmon at IKEA today! The boiled egg looks like a sideways Kintaro face. You might've made a small fortune on ebay..!? Thai Bolognese Sauce sounds so amazingly goood...


Well, I appreciate your devotion to finishing your posts of everything from Thailand and Laos.


Hi Dennis - I didn't even notice that!

Hi Lynnea - Yes, I'm kinda behind, but determined to at least make an effort...... Thanks for reading!

ed (from Yuma)

It's amazing how the dishes look so different than most of what we think of as "Thai food." Thanks for sharing the photos.


Did you say crispy pork skin, ooooo?!?! hehe. Too bad the morning glory wasn't that good. The only "leafy greens" I would eat as a kid. :-)


yummy! I agree that the pictures say it all :9


Hi Ed - Yes, it's not all Pad Thai and curry.......

Hi Carol - That Nam Prik was really good.

Hi Kat - Thanks!


Geesh I'm so full after drooling over the pictures.


Hi Billy - We enjoyed our meals at Huen Phen.

Little Miss Contrary

Yum--I love Northern Thai food. I love love love khao soi, but it's hard to find a good version of it--too bad it didn't impress you.


Hi LMCC - I tried Khao Soi three times and really didn't care for it.....maybe next time I'll try a bit harder to find a good version.


Ah, I went there too when I was in Chiang Mai...but I went in the evening. I really like the look of the food at lunchtime though - but unfortunately, I didn't know about that! Next time - thanks!


Hi Su-Lin - We really enjoyed lunch more than dinner.....I guess it may have been the variety and the really nice folks.


It is about time Nam Prik got some love! It seems to me to be the dish missing from Thai restaurants in USA. I like mine with waterbug essence


Hi Chris - There are a few restaurants that make it, but non in San Diego.


wow, so many dishes in one day! I finally had morning glory, delicious texture. I kind of wish you had written descriptions, but maybe it is better we just drool in ignorance


Hi FH - Yeah.....we kinda went overboard, but finished every bite! Ong Choy....morning glory is good stuff!

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